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Invitation to Operation Vasmaak : Isla Duala 3.8 launch!

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SBP (Slovenian Black Panthers) Team and IceBreakr invite you to a special coop event IceBreakr & his team is organizing this Thursday, 26th at 9PM/21:00 CET (8PM/20:00 UK, 3PM/15:00 NY/EST).


Operation Vasmaak

We meet at our teamspeak3 server - address: ts.vojak.si - pass: Pilatus

Required mods are: 

  • Advanced Combat Environment
  • Community Base Addons
  • CUP Terrains - Core
  • CUP Terrains - Maps
  • CUP Units
  • CUP Vehicles
  • CUP Vehicles ACE Compatibility
  • CUP Weapons 
  • CUP Weapons ACE Compatiblity
  • FAP Units
  • Isla Duala 3.8 [new this week]
  • Slovenian Armed Forces (SIAF)
  • STHud

Collection / Repository is available for WithSix Sync at: http://www.vojak.si/repo/

People signed up so far: [ 7 ]

(just drop your nicknames and team names here in the topic!):

1. IceBreakr

2. Chef Loggert

3. -FallujahMedic-

4. Miha

5. Diablo*

6. Spidi*
7. Schima

8. Tolovaj*


* not 100% certain or a bit late to the event

^ I'll add you here after you post...

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Event has been moved to this week - Thursday at 21:00 Cental European Time (8PM UK). Welcome ;)

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