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many addAction handles -> weird action results?

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Hi all,

I experienced recently, playing on an Exile server, and choosing an action (added by a mod), the result  was something totally different.

Say, as example, trying to "open" a door, and obtaining a "GPS on" (toggling action in addon).


It seems to me all addAction can be melt  in many loaded mods, with a weird result. And i guess some reason is to be found in the way actions are handled.


Let me try to explain. Please, consider this as a "feeling" more than a demonstration.

Some mods like Exile, or other ones, are deeply managing the scrolling menus.

Arma allows a lot of loaded mods at a time, some of them obviously using the same commands like addAction...


The problem seems to me that, if each addon is consistent for its own purpose, the mix of them can be weird due to  the ordinal handle (number, global variable) easy to override with another ordinal handle coming from another called addon. So, you could have the action menu "open door" ending by an "ejection" or any available action in the "alternate" context. Once again, it's just an example.

(The winner is the last loaded?).


One sure thing, BI improved recently the rsc Displays for their "layer". I guess these layers, as they were also ordinal handled, were too often overridden by the last similar ordinal one. Now, the layers can return strings, far more easy two differentiate when multiplying them.

Perhaps, a same improvement could be done for other ordinal handles (addAction, addEvenHandler..) Not too critical for EHs as they are "stackable",... but actions aren't.

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I'm not familiar with Exile, but I'm guessing it adds a lot of actions to the player, with a lot of conditions being constantly calculated. That's how it was set up in the DayZ mod, and it would lead to performances issues after very long game sessions (the frequency of server reboots would mitigate that). I'm guessing this is a similar problem.


It's best, whenever possible, to add actions to objects you want to interact with (e.g vehicles), since their conditions won't be processed unless there's a player around.

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Thanks Haleks. Excellent remark. The less actions on player, the less possible override.

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