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[EU] [Semi-Milsim] [Teamplay+Fun] Black Fox Company

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Who we are:

Black Fox Company is a new Arma group based on a public server, running a custom homebrewed COOP/Zeus mission called "Combat Patrol Operations".

We're looking for "new to Arma" players and "veterans" alike to have some relaxed fun while running a semi-milsim game where teamplay, communication and real tactics matter.

A few of our members have a long experience on Arma (1000+ hours), so we can easily show the ropes to newjoiners as well as undertake more complex missions with "grey wolves" ;)


Our plan:
Our intention, for a start, is to build a public community running platoon-sized COOP/Zeus operations (20-40 players).

A long-term plan is to start also a private server for modded/more realistic missions and trainings.

It's ideal if you want to give your contribution to start a new project! ;)


How to join us:

Server name: Black Fox Company - [EU] MILSIM COOP Server #1
Feel free to add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041220353/



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