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Colombian armed Forces / Search support

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Hello everyone , I am currently looking for support for the development of a mod that in its first phase is already this. However knowledgeable in modeling + texturing. This is the Mod currently published in SteamWorkshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=831775240
I really look for modders, who want to support us, to be able to include within this mod the following elements:
- 4 Air vehicles, as can the UH60, and 1 AC130
- 1 main weapon as can be the galil. > Special thanks to> Aport Alwarren FHQ Weapons 
- 2 some variant of MRAP.

I have knowledge in Photoshop, something of retext, c+ Etc. (Low)

I really appreciate who takes the time to read my words, and have a happy start to the year, Blessings :drinking2:
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- I leave my contact then:
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