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Newbie plays Apex coop. Why is VOIP quality so rubbish??

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Old member here, but let me ask this like a new player would.


So i'm new. I bought Apex and i'm starting the campain.

Run Arma 3 > click Multiplayer > click Apex Protocol.

In the next menu Arma3 shows me very conveniently to Host a game. Great, now i can play with my friends!


All goes well and we're in-game. But the VOIP quality is horrible! And there is NO way to set the quality anywhere.

Why does it default to the lowest of the lowest quality?? It makes no sense.


And if BIS insists of keeping it low, why is there no way to set VOIP quality in Arma3 when hosting?

Am i doing something wrong?


Please excuse me if my tone is annoyed, but i've posted about this issue more than once, to no avail.




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Well, to be honest Arma's VOIP was always not the best. That's why mods like TFAR came up. Using Teamspeak is crucial if you want immersion to be real.

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