Ever since the update a few moments ago the Eden Editor is taking all of my soldier units and putting them in Map-Cords 0,0,0 IE: lower left corner of map. It only happens after a save, and reload. If you alter then play from the multiplayer menu then it works. I just lost hours of work not once but twice in a row from this on 2 separate saves.   I just got done verifying files via steam, not a corruption on my side, and no changes where made before the update that could or would do this.   Update: Tested and reported from friends; Save, Save As, and Export all affected. All soldier units (unmounted) are moved to map lower left corner of map.   PS: Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but i'm so flustered i cant think straight right now.   Mod List: (With steam page links) CUP (All but maps and terrain Core) NIArms Wepons Packs Eden Enhanced DynaSound 2.0 Bornholm CBA_A3