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Collision Model Issues

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Hey guys... I got problems. I created a 3 Level Complex. Its Awesome. I'm currently trying to get the upper level in game (OFP GOTY) since its the simplest level. lowest polys verts & textures.

I created this in 3DS Max 2010. My collision Model consists of basic 3DS Max Boxes. 8 Verts & 12 Triangles per box. I used a simple Attach in Max to make it 1 Piece. I did not weld verts or anything crazy.

Its set as Geometry LOD. I went to Structure/ Topology/ Find Components... then I went to Structure/ Convexity/ Component Convex Hull. (I read that here in a thread) Now it half way works. It gives resistance upon contact however if i keep pressing forward i can push threw my walls...


Note*  Also i tried adding Mass. Its a building... so i added a lot of mass. Ive no Idea what mass is actually for. Nor do I know how its Calculated.  I would assume its for objects with buoyancy... like a boat or an airplane. But i tried it anyway. I didn't notice any effect.


Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Any advice is def appreciated.

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After i finished scaling my building to size, collision worked just fine.

So all i can assume here is that there must be a minimum functional size for collision.

im guessing around .1 thickness.

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