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Hello Bis community, and WW2 history fans, I would like to share my passion for compiling, and my massive compilation of WW2 documentaries and media.

History of WW2Epic



The channel has been around since July 2016, before that I had no WW2 Epic channel, the idea originally started back in 2010 as I had a website for it, but found the website a bit to much work to keep updated.

For a while I had a section on my Mission Repository website but removed that as that was also like my previous website also a bit to much work to keep updated, after taking a break for a while i decided on a ututbe

channel. Using playlists and ideas for subjects which was way more simpler and easier to keep updated and add new content too.



WW2Epic is a Utube channel dedicated to the history of WW2, it is a Massive compilation of many subjects, and Theaters of WW2

all videos based on a specific subject are sorted to playlists.

- This is a nonpolitical channel.

- Videos are added every 1-2 weeks mostly on the weekends, and sometimes during the week when i have the time and energy to do so.

WW2Epic Currently compiles the following Subjects: 

  • Famous Battles Documentaries - Stalingrad 
  • Holocaust Documentaries 
  • Pacific - Pacific Front Theater Documentaries 
  • Italy - Italian Theater Documentaries 
  • Finland - Finnish Theater Documentaries 
  • Great Britain - English Theater Documentaries 
  • Ostfront - Eastern Front Theater Documentaries 
  • Africa - African Front Theater Documentaries 
  • DDay & Western Theater Documentaries 
  • Norway - The Norwegian Front Theater Documentaries 
  • WW2 in Color 
  • Ships & Submarines 
  • Cartoons 
  • Nazi Occult 
  • Discoveries, Relics, & Treasures 
  • Inventions 
  • People of WW2 
  • Tank Documentaries 
  • Anthems, Marches, Music, & Songs 
  • Weapon Documentaries 
  • WW2 Tv Show - McHale's Navy - Season 1 
  • WW2 Tv Show - McHale's Navy - Season 2 
  • WW2 Tv Show - Twelve O'clock High 
  • WW2 Tv Show - Colditz 
  • WW2 TV Show - The Rat Patrol 
  • WW2 TV show - COMBAT! 
  • Bombers, Fighters, & Planes 
  • Short Films 
  • World War II: The Complete History 
  • Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East 
  • TANKS! Steel Tigers 
  • TANKS! Assault Guns and Tank Hunters Sturmgeschütz 
  • German War Files 
  • Documentaries 
  • Full Movies
  • Full Utube Movies you can rent or buy



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Update - WW2Epic

New Additions - Christmas Day! :xmas::elfbash:



Holocaust Documentaries

  • Day in Auschwitz || Amazing Documentary 
  • Buchenwald Concentration Camp 
  • Ravensbrück Concentration Camp 
  • Dachau Concentration Camp 
  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Weapon Documentaries

  • The Torpedoes of WWII Documentary

People of WW2

  • The Most Evil Women In History Ilse Koch 
  • Mr and Mrs Hitler 
  • Churchill: The Forgotten Years, 1945-65 
  • Documentary of Mussolini, dictator of Italy

Full Movies

  • Arch of Triumph (1984) 
  • The Devil's Arithmetic 1999 
  • Attack (1956)
  • A Midnight Clear (WW2 Christmas Movies)

  • Silent Night (WW2 Christmas Movies)

  • Sniper Weapon of Retaliation (2009)

Short Films

  • B17 Bomber The Mission
  • The Bridge

  • Remembering the Fallen

  • 2 soldiers

  • Surrender


  • Paths of hate

More to come!

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Wow, looks like you've done quite a lot of work! Thank you. I'll have some studyin' to do!

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Thanks fellas!

It will continue to grow week by week, there are some playlists that are currently empty or only have a vid

or few in them namely the following:

  • Famous Battles Documentaries - Stalingrad 
  • Pacific - Pacific Front Theater Documentaries 
  • Italy - Italian Theater Documentaries 
  • Finland - Finnish Theater Documentaries 
  • Great Britain - English Theater Documentaries 
  • Ostfront - Eastern Front Theater Documentaries 
  • Africa - African Front Theater Documentaries 
  • DDay & Western Theater Documentaries 
  • Norway - The Norwegian Front Theater Documentaries 
  • WW2 in Color 
  • Nazi Occult

  • Discoveries, Relics, & Treasures

  • Inventions 

These I'm still working on, as for photos I have about 3,600 pics, most of it is German side, thing is im trying to determine how to do a video with pictures,

i could just have a series of vids i create with like 20+ pics in a vid of course that might take forever idk thats still up in the air.


If anyone finds a video, that isn't on the channel let me know.

More to come possibly during the week or not til the weekend depends on my energy and time, plus I have other stuff im working on so certain things have priority ;)

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Update - WW2Epic



New additions:

New Playlist - Poland - Polish Theater Documentaries

  • WWII in Colour: Invasion of Poland 
  • The True reason why Germany attacked Poland WW2 
  • Battle Of Warsaw 
  • Gladiators of World War II - The Free Polish Forces [E5/13] 
  • "The Men Who Went to Warsaw": The Warsaw Uprising Airlift 1944
  • The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; The Survivors' Stories
  • Red Runs the Vistula The Warsaw Uprising of 1944
  • City Of Ruins; Destroyed Warsaw-Poland In 1945
  • WWll 1st of september 1939 Invasion of Poland in colour
  • Invasion of Poland 1939 - Fall Weiß - Case White
  • 1939 Polish Defensive War - The Beginning of World War II
  • German Invasion of Poland in 1939 | Captured German Film
  • The Free Polish Forces WW2
  • Nazi Germany & Soviet Russia war crimes against Poland, 1939-45

New Playlist - Norway - The Norwegian Front Theater Documentaries

  • How Norwegian Commandos Sabotaged Hitler Atom Bomb Plans?
  • Come Hell and Heavy Water Edit
  • The Battle for Norway: The German Invasion of Norway
  • German Soldiers in intense combat - Battle of Norway and France 1940
  • Samlerhuset presents: The three Norwegian liberation kings
  • German Invasion of Norway - WWII, Operation Weserübung
  • First Film of Norway Invaded by Germany WWII
  • Austrått Fort ★ Ørland ★ Norway ★ Gneisenau ★ Gun Turret ★ Atlanticwall ★ Fortress Norway
  • Fjell festning på Sotra ved Bergen
  • WW2 Luftwaffe base at Herdla Norway
  • WW2: British Commandos Strike Vaagso & Maaloy, Norway (1941)
  • WW2: Nazi War Criminals Hunt, Norway (June 1945 - July 1945)
  • WW2 British Commandos Raid on German-held Norway | 1941 | Operation Claymore 
  • The Norwegian army in Sweden during World War II 
  • WW2 Documentary - The Battle for Norway
  • Diving on WWII Beaufighters in Norway
  • World War II Battlefront 01of12 Battle of Norway

Holocaust Documentaries

  • Nazi Concentrationcamp in Belgium.
  • the holocaust Auschwitz documentary 2015
  • Secrets Of War, Shadows Of The Third Reich 06 The Holocaust Secret
  • I'm Still Here Holocaust Survivor Diaries

New Playlist - Italy - Italian Theater Documentaries

  • BBC Battle Of Monte Cassino
  • Monte Cassino- The Soldiers Story.
  • German Airborne Invasion of Crete | 1941
  • WWII Italian Forces in Combat
  • Italian Army in Russia Movie (Ravenna & Cosseria Divisions)
  • Italy and the road to war
  • Fascism in Italy
  • Invasion of Sicily: Full WWII Invasion of Sicily
  • WW2: Campaign in Sicily "Operation Husky" (1943)
  • WW2 Allied invasion of Sicily
  • Beachhead Anzio pt2-2 1963 US Army World War II The Big Picture
  • Liberation of Rome | 1944
  • Italian Tanks from 1915 to 1945 (WW1 and WW2)
  • Italian Freedom Fighters - The Roman Resistance of WWII 
  • WW2 in Italy - Battle of Anzio | 1944 | Italian Campaign: Operation Shingle
  • WW2 in Italy - Battle of San Pietro | 1943 | Italian Campaign 
  • Battlefield S02E04 The Battle for Italy
  • Italian Forces and Industry in Early World War 2
  • At the Front in North Africa 1943 US Army
  • Liberation of Rome 1944 US Army
  • Italian Air War : Documentary on the Air War over Italy
  • FRONTLINE WWII: Allies Advance into Italy at Salerno
  • The Battle of Anzio - The Italian D-DAY

New playlist - Finland - Finnish Theater Documentaries

  • Nazi Collaborators - Finnish Collaborators - Part 4
  • Nazi Collaborators - Finnish Collaborators - Part 3
  • Nazi Collaborators - Finnish Collaborators - Part 2
  • Nazi Collaborators - Finnish Collaborators - Part 1
  • The Finnish Winter War: More than a Regional Conflict
  • The Soviet-Finnish Winter War - Dr. John Suprin
  • Weaponology - "German Gebirgsjäger / Soviet Invasion of Finland / Simo Häyhä"
  • Finland in the World War II: Tanks
  • Talvisota 1939-1940
  • I Stalins Skugga - Finland 1944-1952
  • WW2: The Winter War
  • Pappa Kom Hem - The War Is Not Over- World War II in Finland
  • Military history of Finland during World War II
  • Finland WW2 - Battle of Tali-Ihantala - 6/6
  • Finland WW2 - Battle of Tali-Ihantala - 5/6
  • Finland WW2 - Battle of Tali-Ihantala - 4/6
  • Finland WW2 - Battle of Tali-Ihantala - 3/6
  • Finland WW2 - Battle of Tali-Ihantala - 2/6
  • Finland WW2 - Battle of Tali-Ihantala - 1/6
  • Finnish Weapons, Equipment, and Uniforms of World War 2
  • [Winter War] Motti Tactics - How The Finns Destroyed Soviet Divisions
  • Fire And Ice the Winter War of Finland and Russia Original
  • 1/4: Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia

Ships & Submarines

  • Finnish navy in the World War II and after
  • German Submarine Bunkers, Trondheim, Norway
  • U Boat War Documentary on the Submarine Battle of World War 2
  • Nazi Mega Weapons S01E02 UBoat Base

People of WW2

  • Documentary of Mussolini, dictator of Italy
  • Benito Mussolini Life History - The Fascist ( Documentary Film on Italian Dictator ) 
  • Secrets Of War, On All Fronts 05 Mussolini's Henchmen
  • Simo Hayhe The White Death

Anthems, Marches, Music, & Songs

  • Finnish Armoured forces in WW2
  • Sabaton - The Art Of War (Tali-Ihantala 1944)
  • Sabaton-Unbreakable-Finnish wars in WWII
  • Finland WW2 in color Suomi war 1939 Finnish Waffen-SS Potpourri Marssi March
  • ❈ Unser Rommel ❈
  • Schutzstaffel - SS marschiert in Feindesland
  • Rußlandlied
  • O du schöner Westerwald
  • Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen
  • Heiliger Krieg - Flieg Adler, flieg!
  • ✠ Wehrmacht - "In Einem Polenstädtchen" ✠
  • Lied "Märkische Heide" (Lincke)
  • Horst wessel lied (Rare Version)
  • ✠ Werhmacht - "Mein Schlesierland" ✠
  • Lied "Erika" (Niel)
  • Bots - Was wollen wir trinken
  • Wolfnacht - Pa Vikingtog
  • Unser Rommel - Afrika Korps Song
  • På vikingtokt - Norwegian Waffen-SS Marching song.

Weapon Documentaries

  • Infantry weapons of World War II - Finland
  • finnish ww2 weapons
  • Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant Chapter 2
  • Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant 
  • Finnish M39 Service Rifle
  • Prototype Italian MBT 1925 Straight-Pull Rifle

Bombers,Fighters & Planes

  • Finland in the World War II: Aircraft
  • Battlefield Mysteries Ep 3 Bandits of the Skies- Mosquito Missions
  • Battle Stations: Mosquito Attack (War History Documentary)
  • Battle Stations. Beaufighter - Whispering Death, The Forgotten Warhorse


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It's amazing compilation. Great job. Especially, of course, I was interested in Polish aspect. Started to watch the very first movie, then noted common fairy tales about Polish cav supposedly charging on enemy tanks with lances and sabers. I don't know, if you may find any good English documentary on this topic (I know only Polish language documentary), but I recommend to familiarize with battle of Mokra, which is probably best example, how in fact Polish cav was finghting against tanks (and with what results). 




BTW the same battle is, as I believe, the source of this "charging with sabers against tanks" nonsense (I can only try to imagine, what picture of Polish commanders' and soldiers' state of mind such fairy tales may produce...):



The 21st Armoured Battalion under Maj. Stanisław Gliński, equipped mostly with Polish TKS tankettes was ordered to counter-attack the village, along with the cavalry squadron of Captain Jerzy Hollak. In the clouds of smoke of the burning village, the Polish units accidentally drove right into the middle of a German tank column. Although the Polish tankettes were no match for the heavier Panzer II German tanks and the cavalry was very vulnerable to tank fire, the confusion in German ranks prevented their commander from responding quickly enough. The Polish units managed to break through the German column with negligible losses and seized the forest to the Northwest of Mokra. This manoeuvre is sometimes referred to as a charge of Polish cavalry on German tanks, although no charge was planned nor executed. 


Of course, Polish involvement in the war effort wasn't ended in September 39, nor was limited to the Polish territory, but that's known, I think. 


The second movie, "The True reason why Germany attacked Poland WW2", is shown as "unavailable in my country", weird, what it tells, I wonder? EDIT: I played that movie from US youtube edition and now I'm understanding, why it's blocked in Poland. It's a blend of facts (like the reasons, why Versailles Treaty was rightly named by Foch "an armistice for twenty years"), biases and some unconscionable heavy false (Poles slaughtering German minorities, wtf? And according to this footage, it was these Poles, who was arrested (killed) by Germans) which purpose is basically to justify Hitler's aggression. Plus this found in the description: Zionist propaganda has had the light of truth shined on it.That indeed sheds some light on the movie narration origin and purpose. 


Are yo sure, you want that movie in your compilation?

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Thanks. Interesting points, and information.

As for the " The True reason why Germany attacked Poland WW2" video:

The way i see it is even if it isn't true, as you pointed out and as some in the comments on the vid itself pointed out and coming back with historical points, imo i see it as a means to challenge

people's knowledge and get them to investigate. As there is and will always be people that know and or do investigate the history, i think such vids will bring out by itself the

correct information from those people that can better explain it in relation to what the vid had proposed.


     Dialogue and investigation into the actual truths is what people do seek, a balance of facts, sure there is alot of propaganda out there, there are groups, or peoples, that wanted and still want to

sway things in their favor, thats just how it is, but imo if we dont have videos like this and let the stupid people accept things at face value, again there are and will always people that call bullshit,

this goes for any subject history related, i would rather leave it as people will sort it out themselves, and if people who have no idea about the history can learn from it, when someone says this is false,

and you dont know any better that curiosity to know will force you to further investigate for the truths and form your own perspective.


None the less were talking 70yrs ago, but the whole point of the channel is to share a ton of info on WW2 and have it in one place,

whether stuff is true or historically factual begs to question, but it will challenge your knowledge of history and as you did seek to investigate actual truths, hopefully seen by others

to give them an insight or spark of curiosity to seek whats right themselves.


Idk if this vid has any truth in it, and for me at least i look at most info related to WW2, and most things anyways from a neutral position more of a spectator if you will, im not one to point fingers,

take sides and be a racist or the like, i would only collectively seek to acquire facts, and weigh the facts against others, but still keep an open mind,

but for WW2 of course since i am highly interested in the subject only because my grandparents whom were of Dutch/German heritage raised me for my first 5yrs who grew up and lived through the

occupation of the Nazi's during WW2, and I also like old things, old times, and being that WW2 was Epic hence the title of the channel, it was

a real World wide thing, it was insane and like many others i am myself still learning alot about it.



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Pretty fair to me. Good, so now it's clear an intenton behind putting such controverial videos into compilation, makes sense as long recipient has mature approach to such data. 

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Update - WW2Epic



New additions:

Africa - African Theater Documentaries

  • Desert War Tobruk Documentary
  • Churchills Desert War The Road To El Alamein hd full

  • THE BATTLE OF NORTH AFRICA WORLD WAR II Discovery History Military Documentary

  • Battlefield S2/E1 - The Battle for North Africa

  • FRONTLINE : The North African Campaign

  • History Channel World War IIDead Mens Secrets Secrets of the Desert War

  • The World At War-Episode 08.The Desert North Africa (1940–1943)

  • The Desert Fox | Rommel's FIRST Battle in the North African Campaign | BATTLESTORM

  • Battlefield S02E01 - The Battle for North Africa

  • At the Front in North Africa 1943 US Army; World War II

  • The 98th Bomb Group: B-24 Liberators Over North Africa - 1943

  • HELL Comes to the DESERT: The Clash of North Africa

  • North African War : Documentary on the North African Campaign in World War 2

  • Tunisian Victory: The Final Defeat of Rommel's Afrika Korps (Restored -1944)

  • WWII Document: Battle of North Africa, June 1940 - May 1943

  • Desert Victory - British Eighth Army El Alamein 1942 Tripoli 80060

  • El Alamein : the soldier's story.

  • El Alamein: The 9th Division Story

  • ANZAC Australians in World War Two 03of26 El Alamein

  • ANZAC Australians in World War Two 06of26 Siege of Tobruk

  • Tobruk The Forgotten Battle Ground of the Second World War

  • Tobruk - 1080P - The first loss of Germany

  • Inside Tobruk - Australian Troops (1941)

  • ANZAC | Siege of Tobruk


  • World War II 03 13 The Mediterranean and North Africa Discovery Channel HD Colour

  • The Lost Evidence North Africa WWII Documentary

  • Secrets of the Desert War Documentary

Great Britain - English Theater Documentaries

  • Hitler's Britain WWII Documentary

  • THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - Discovery History Military (full documentary)

  • Battlefield S1/E2 - The Battle of Britain

  • Great Britain in World War 2 - Know Your Ally: Britain | US Documentary on the British People | 1944

  • British Secret intelligence of WW2 (Full Documentary)

  • The World At War-Episode 15.Home Fires Britain (1940–1944) World War II Documentary

  • The Brits Who Fought For Hitler

  • WWII in Color Part 3: Britain at Bay

  • Nazi V-1 Flying Bombs Strike England - WWII Great Britain vs. Germany

  • The First Day Of The Blitz.

  • Bloody foreigners. Untold Battle of Britain. (polskie napisy)

  • The Other Side of Dunkirk

  • War Walks - Dunkirk (S02E05)

  • London Can Take It [1940, WWII documentary of one night of 247 nights of the bombing of London]

  • Your Anderson Shelter This Winter (1940)

  • The Daily Commute - London During the Blitz - 1940's

  • WWll in Colour-The Battle of Britain and the Blitz Over London

  • Battlefield Detectives - The Battle of Britain - World War Two Documentary | 45 Mins |

  • The Lost Evidence Battle of Britain

  • search for the lost fighter plane- Battle of Britain

  • Britain at War in Colour - 'The Darkest Hour' - part 1

  • Britain at War in Colour - 'The Darkest Hour' - part 2

  • Britain at War in Colour - 'The Darkest Hour' - part 3

  • Britain at War in Colour - 'The Darkest Hour' - part 4

  • Britain at War in Colour - 'The Darkest Hour' - part 5

  • Britain at War in Colour - 'The Darkest Hour' - part 6

  • Britain at War in Colour - 'The Darkest Hour' - part 7

  • Britain at War in Colour - 'The Darkest Hour' - part 8

  • Britain at War in Colour - 'The Darkest Hour' - part 9

People of WW2

  • Biography Rommel The Last Knight Documentary
  • BBC Nuremberg Nazis on Trial Rudolf Hess

  • Hitler's Henchmen S01 E04 Goering The Marshall

  • Hitler's Henchmen S01 E02 Donitz The Successor

  • Hitler's Henchmen S01 E03 Goebbels The Agitator

  • Hitler's Henchmen S01 E06 Himmler The Executioner

  • Hitler's Henchmen S02 E03 Ribbentrop The Errand Boy

  • Hitler's Henchmen S02 E04 Schirach The Corrupter Of Youth

  • Hitler's Henchmen S02 E05 Freisler The Hanging Judge

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Many thanks for britain at war in colour mate, great series.

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@Gunter Severloh -mate-your tireless work compiling these huge lists on so many things has really saved me a lot of time over the years :) Thanks so much.

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Your welcome, and thats the one of the main points to why i compile, is to have everything for a given subject in one place, its simply more efficient and less time consuming.

For WW2Epic, there is alot of theaters of the war I've yet to cover, and also still many videos aside music that i that have unique subjects for a given theater to add, as well as more ideas to implement.


The channel was the best decision i have made in years, because before i had a website with a ton of content like this, along with pics, ect,. same name and everything,

the problem was i hated updating it because i had to go through several pages just to get to where i had to add the content, it was very time consuming, now i can actually

add way more content without the headache of waiting for shit to load and then adding content.

So it takes me I'd say about 1-3hrs to gather and add all the vids like you see in my previous update, the huge update way above that took me about 5hrs to do but its worth it.


The problem with this type of compiling is im adding videos that is other people's content, now i have gotten feedback for my other utube channel which basically the guy said that adding his videos to the

channel along side many others related in content has increased the views on those videos, as well as the channel itself and i dont mean like .1% i mean like 60% more!

so in one way i am helping channels and vids get more views. :)


On the flip side its very hard to just try to contact the authors of any vids and then sit there and wait for a response, i have done it and like i am doing its best to just add the video

and hope the author dont remove the vid on their end. So every week i have to review the lists, and every week i get depending on the playlist and the video i get either a a vid was made private so i have

to remove it because you cant watch it now, or it was removed by the author, or the worst is the account for the vid was banned or deleted which i had happen a couple of times for vids.

Most vids that get removed I've noticed are the full movies, and documentaries, I've lost alot of good movies to that sort of thing, but its out of my hands so im just happy to get what i can.

But expect more updates, every 1-2 weeks, sometimes 3 if i get to involved with something else, lazy or unmotivated.

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The Tankette



(Polish documentary, English subtitles)

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Update - WW2Epic



New additions:

Poland - Polish Theater Documentaries

  • The Tankette

Holocaust Documentaries

  • Engineering Evil - Inside the Holocaust

  • One Day in Auschwitz 2015 720p HD Auschwitz Holocaust Documentary

DDay & Western Theater Documentaries

  • D-Day to the Fall of the Third Reich | Epic WW2 Documentary on the Allied Campaign in Western Europe

  • WW2: Breakout from Normandy (Operation Cobra)

Ships & Submarines

  • Sinking The WW2 Greatest Supership Yamato | Greatest Naval Disaster | Military Documentary

  • Tirpitz The Battle for Hitler's Supership Full Documentary

  • Nazi Mega Weapons S02 E04 Hitlers Megaships

  • Atlantic Submarines WWII Documentary

  • Silent Service Boats Of World War II Documentary

  • Submarine Attack Plans Of World War II Documentary

  • Massive Swastika Found Under Ancient Lake in Antarctica

Discoveries, Relics, & Treasures

  • Nazi Mega Weapons S01E06 Fortress Berlin

Tank Documentaries

  • Nazi Mega structures Super Tank

Weapon Documentaries

  • Nazi Mega Weapons S02E03 The SS

  • Nazi Mega Weapons S01E03 V2 Rocket

  • Nazi Mega Weapons S01 E03 V2 Rocket Bases

Bombers, Fighters, & Planes

  • Nazi Mega Weapons S01E05 Jet Fighter Me262

  • Nazi Mega Weapons S02E05 Kamikaze

People of WW2

  • The hunt for Hitler's scientists

  • The Nazis And Prostitution Documentary


  • Nazi Mega Weapons S01E01 Atlantic Wall

  • Nazi Megastructures S03E02 HD

  • Nazi Mega Weapons S02 E06 The Siegfried Line

  • Operation Paperclip:The CIA and the Nazis

  • Science and the Swastika : Hitler's Biological Soldiers

Full Movies

  • Fireball Forward (1972)

More updates every 2 weeks!


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Update - WW2Epic



New Additions

Famous Battles Documentaries - Stalingrad

  • Secret of the death Wehrmacht in Stalingrad

  • Battle of Stalingrad New Documentary

  • Battle of Stalingrad | Battlefield Detectives Documentary

  • Battle of Stalingrad: The Boiling Cauldron (1997)

  • 20th Century Battlefields 1942 Stalingrad

  • Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East - Stalingrad (7 of 18)

  • Dokumentation - Stalingrad - Krieg

  • Stille Nacht in Stalingrad

  • Generals At War Stalingrad

  • The Great Battle on the Volga (Stalingrad)

  • Friedrich Paulus - Stalingrad - Part 1

  • Friedrich Paulus - Stalingrad - Part 2

  • Friedrich Paulus - Stalingrad - Part 3

  • Friedrich Paulus - Stalingrad - Part 4

Holocaust Documentaries

  • Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust

Nazi Occult & UFO Documentaries

  • Nazi Occult Conspiracy Full Length Documentary

  • The Nazis and the Book of Power

  • Top Secret Nazi UFO'S AND Bases

  • WW2 The Vril Society

  • The True Story of Super Secret Nazi Technology

  • Die Glocke The German Nazi Wonder Weapon Unexplained Mysteries

  • 3 Bizarre (and Real) Nazi Occult Operations | @ConspiracyStuff

  • Secrets of the Third Reich: The Rediscovery of Vimanas

  • The Witches and Mages who fought Hitler in WWII(Part 1 of 2)

  • The Witches and Mages who fought Hitler in WWII(Part 2 of 2)

  • 5 Paranormal Secrets of the Nazi Occult

  • Brief history of Vril and the Nazi occult

  • Black Sun Documentary Nazi Mystical Ideology MIRROR German with English subtitles.

  • The Occult History of the Third Reich Himmler The Mystic

  • Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary

Weapon Documentaries

  • Shooting German Flak 36 88 mm

  • 88mm Flak firing Original Sound

  • Flak 88 Presentation

  • 8,8cm FlaK 18 of the Wehrmacht. The dreaded "88"

  • Weaponology - "Artillery of World War II"

  • World’s BIGGEST / MOST POWERFUL GUN ever built! (Heavy Gustav Railway Gun.)

  • Defiliermarsch - 800mm Schwerer Gustav firing rare color

  • Original 800mm Schwerer Gustav Dora Railway Gun firing Sewastopol 1942 Worlds biggest gun ever

  • Zugkanone (80-cm-Kanone) and Thor of the Wehrmacht knocking out Maginot line and Sevastopol

  • 600 mm Mörser "Karl" - Gerät 040

Short Films

  • OUR FATHER - World War II Short Film

  • Between The Lies - (WW2 Short Film)

  • .303

  • Partisan (FULL Movie)

  • Paris 1942 WWII True Story

  • CUP OF JOE (WW2 Short Film)

  • The POW - award winning WW2 film short

Full Movies

  • War Pigs

  • The Dirty dozen: The Fatal Mission

  • The Devil's Brigade Movie 1968 - full movie

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Lapa Azul, o Brasil na Segunda Guerra.


Documentary about the 3rd Battalion of the 11th Brazilian expeditionary infantry regiment, Lapa Azul, the Brazilian battalion that saw most action in the north italy campaign. Composed mostly of poor farm boys, the battalion was created in 1942 and reunited troops coming from all parts of Brazil, the jungles of northwest, fields of the center-west, arid caatingas from the northeast and even cold forests from the south. They were sent to Rio de Janeiro and after that Italy. Arriving without proper gear and equipment, they were soon properly equipped by the Americans. Now with their M1 steelpots and winter jackets, they could endure the cold. Without racial segregation, there was a huge contrast in relation to the american battalions. Serving almost the entire war together with the 92nd ''All black'' infantry division, many american troops seen as strange whites fighting together with blacks. The Lapa Azul saw action in the battles of Monte Castello, leading the attack, Castelnuevo, Montese, Collechio and Castelnuevo, where the battalion lost 95 men of the original 120, being the Brazilian battalion with the highest number of KIAs and being a unit with one of the highest probabilities of death during the entire WW2. Coming from a tropical region, they faced the muddy climate of november in northern Italy and the cold winter of 1944 in the Italian alps, reaching -20 celsius. (ask the soldiers of the 28th inf div and 506th PIR in bastogne about that, he). Finally, the regiment was disbanded in mid 1945.


 I still have the OD green camo cover my grandpa used in his M1 when he was part of the Brazilian Expeditionary force. Although he served in a different regiment, the 1st Expeditionary Infantry division, he saw action at Castello, was stationed in the northern Apennines and lastly fought in Montese. Sadly, he died in 2001.


Fortunately, there is english subtitles in this documentary. It's great for you guys interested in hearing about lesser know battles and campaigns of WW2

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Update - WW2Epic

New playlists added:

  • Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 x 30 vids
  • Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 x 39 vids

New videos added to existing playlists:


Added to Tank Documentaries:

  • Awesome Tank Battles - Michael Wittman Waffen SS Tank Commander WWII

  • WWII - Hummel Mobile Heavy Artillery

Added to Full movies:

  • Russian movie with English subtitles: Kasym

  • Russian movie with English subtitles: Burnt by the Sun 2 Citadel

  • New Military Movie Kolyma Tales New Russian War Films 2016

  • Yesterday's Enemy (1959)



New additions and updates added every 1-3 weeks!


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Update - WW2Epic

Hey guys been some time since i have updated this, i dont plan to update this anymore, just to much going on for what i been doing and trying to do.


I still update the channel about twice a month, so its not like im not doing anything, its just more work to report what was added, if you want to know what was added

and see any new content then just subscribe to the channel, it will be alot easier on me then having to report here which is and was a nice feature but really not needed.

I've got alot of other compiling projects im working on, especially a new Utube channel creating which will be like WW2Epic, but this time it will be Modern War,

so you'll see Full movies, short films, and documentaries.


Once i establish the channel I'll have it linked in my sig like i do WW2Epic, anyways thanks for taking the interest in this thread but again if you want to see what was added then

best to subscribe to the channel, i actually just recently added a ton of vids this past week and the week before so there ya go, lol Cheers!

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Update - WW2Epic

Hey guys, i want to let you know that i am still maintaining this Utube channel, i've gained a few subs in the past couple of weeks too,

so the channel is up to 184 subs and still growing!


I add new videos to the channel every week!


If you go to the all created playlists here:


theres a total of 33 playlists that have videos on a wide range of theaters, and subjects of the war.


Here is a list of all the playlists on the channel and how many videos they contain,

number (0) after the name is how many videos are on that playlist :

  • WW2 Lost Evidence Documentary Series (10)
  • The Winds of War (6)
  • Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 (8)
  • Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 (10)
  • Poland - Polish Theater Documentaries (16)
  • Norway - The Norwegian Front Theater Documentaries (12)
  • Famous Battles Documentaries - Stalingrad (17)
  • Holocaust Documentaries (16)
  • Pacific - Pacific Front Theater Documentaries (37)
  • Italy - Italian Theater Documentaries (19)
  • Finland - Finnish Theater Documentaries (24)
  • Great Britain - English Theater Documentaries (15)
  • Ostfront - Eastern Front Theater Documentaries (12)
  • Africa - African Front Theater Documentaries (22)
  • DDay & Western Theater Documentaries (39)
  • Ships & Submarines (27)
  • WW2 Cartoons (39)
  • Nazi Occult & UFO Documentaries (16)
  • Discoveries, Relics, & Treasures (23)
  • People of WW2 (78)
  • Tank Documentaries (41)
  • Anthems, Marches, Music, & Songs (34)
  • Weapon Documentaries (70)
  • WW2 Tv Show - Twelve O'clock High (59)
  • WW2 Tv Show - Colditz (24)
  • Bombers, Fighters, & Planes (73)
  • Short Films (95)
  • WW2 TV show - COMBAT! (71)
  • TANKS! Steel Tigers (5)
  • TANKS! Assault Guns and Tank Hunters Sturmgeschütz (5)
  • German War Files (17)
  • Documentaries (81)
  • Full Movies (118)  -----> 118 videos - 827,772 views  - Updated 4 days ago (my most watched playlist!)

So if your a fan of WW2 check out my Utube channel WW2Epic!

The channel is a massive compilation of Full movies, Short Films, Documentaries, Music, & Photos of WW2


Link to the channel is at the top, and also in my signature!





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TIK's first Battle Storm Is Complete now you can add this to the collection and binge watch the mess that was, Operation Crusader!


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Theirs Is The Glory 1946.

A Bridge Too Far '...is a slow moving epic, well worth a viewing with some authentic scenes, but is unconvincing in its portrayal of the battle of Oosterbeek... Theirs is the Glory is the only feature film currently released that accurately portrays the events at Oosterbeek in atmospheric and chronological terms, despite its jerky portrayal of events. This is a film to watch.



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Thanks B_Fox, added both of them!

related to the Theirs is The Glory Film is this revist Doc to the Locations of Operation market Garden:


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