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Joint Special Operations Task Force - 57

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Minimum Age: 18 (waiver-able on a case by case basis)

Minimum Hours in ArmA3: 500 (waiver-able on a case by case basis)

Must be Able to Speak and Understand English

Not in Another ARMA3 Unit



Joint Special Operations Task Force - 57 was established in the November of 2016; drawing largely from former members of the same unit in addition and other experienced members from the greater ARMA3 milsim community. JSOTF-57 aims to bring high immersion and realism in addition to a semi-relaxed environment in order to create the appropriate gaming environment for our membership.


JSOTF-57 comprises of four sub units in order to create the whole, with three ground combatant units; 5th Special Forces Group, SEAL Team Five, Canadian Special Operations Regiment, and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment as the sole rotary-wing unit. Each unit has it's own unique skillset and TTPs, this allows JSOTF-57 to form combined elements in order to achieve missions and utilize units where their strengths appropriate them.



Currently JSOTF-57 is still undergoing a great deal of construction and will not be expressly recruiting for the majority of its units until late January at the earliest.



jWhWeDkl.jpg ArjIFNAl.jpg I3011pSl.jpg



Discord Address: https://discord.gg/ftqs5z5



Teamspeak Address: fr1.ts-3.net:10853

Password: 1776



Currently N/A




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