RSO Creations are pleased to release their first addon to the arma community. This is a buildings pack which includes over 70 enterable middle eastern styled buildings. 
Over 70 different buildings, all enterable, walkable rooftops, walkable staircases. High rise buildings, shops, houses, apartment blocks, mosque, monumental archways plus many more. There will be additional buildings in the future, these will be added next year along with the misc items. Those include pavements, sign posts, walls, fences, gates, markets, plus much more.

This can be used as an addon for mission makers and terrain makers within terrain builder, 2d editor, 3den, XCAM, Mapbuilder. If anyone uses this addon for a mission or new map please credit the RSO team on your releases. 

IMPORTANT! This release is just an alpha release. We wanted to get the buildings up to a playable state by xmas and we have managed to pull it off. It must be noted that there will be errors, some textures may not look complete. There are currently 2 buildings that you cannot get into at all. H5 and H8. These only have a geolod box around them due to time constraints. They will be added into the pack in future updates.   Bug reporting:   No distribution from other servers apart from armaholic.     This pack IS NOT affiliated with pmc release. Do not confuse the two projects.
Credits & Thanks:
Opteryx for his source files! The RSO team:

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