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Team vs Team (8v8) PvP Tournament! Sign up and join us! Hosted by VKN PMC

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Tournament Details: 
1) 8v8 Team vs Team
2) 7 custom made PvP maps
3) Twitch stream / commentator
4) Our TS and server hosted.

5) January 7th, 12:00 GMT

6) Links to Maps Collection (Feel free to play / practice / strategise before)  : HERE


How To Sign Up: 
1) Contact me directly via the forum / reply to this thread.
2) Reach us on steam via our Tournament Page and comment 
3) Sign up via our website Contact & sign up page


Hello possible tournament participant, are you a group/squad who enjoys testing your PvP skills in the field?

We've been an active group for over two years now and we're looking at doing something for the community, something for groups similar to ourselves

Our mission devs have created a number of team based PvP scenarios that we know you're going to enjoy. The plan as we see it is to gather a certain number of groups who want to test their metal in the field to participate in the first annual Viking PvP Tournament. The basic format will be as follows; squads will be pitched in knock out rounds until we have two squads left (final). They will fight it out on the battlefield for first place.

We will host the event server and teamspeak server, so all you need to do is show up and play. The missions are 8v8 objective based PvP missions but of course if you can only field 7 men on the day then we'll make sure to match you with a squad of the same numbers. This is something we'll all discuss on the day before we kick off the event.
We will also be streaming the event but you are of course free to stream it to your followers too.

7th of January 12:00 GMT noon start time 

See you there!

P.S. - There will be no crazy sights or equipment here either. You will be armed with an AR and the basics. This event is to test your individual skill as players but more importantly how efficient you are as a fighting unit.  

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