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Looking for a Server

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me and a few friends are looking for a server that has (look below to see what we would like to play

Militarized server - meaning all is accessible at some point also military weapons can spawn anywhere.


Mod's: All RHS, Mas (CBA Version) , Cup( optional would be nice but not needed ), TRYK Multiplay Uniforms, Tac Vests, Exile, NI Arms-Complete, Specialist Military Arms ( Requires MRT accessory Functions ), ( we dont mind if it has zombies or not ), ASDG Joint Rails unofficial, some way of lifting / towing, PVE mainly ( it can have pvp zones we wouldnt mind about that ), 

Scripts: Refuel Repair Re-Arm, Roaming AI, Vehicle Roaming AI, Starter Gear, ^Lifting/towing, anything else is a bonus i guess :D

looking forward to responses see if any of the server has all of this or atleast most of this :)

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