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Nothing going to release at the moment, just ignore these for now, as they need a ton more work. WIP as hell Bundesgrenzschutz Overhauled


TACTICOOL C CLAMP BGS, so tactical. 


Some of the new units- BGS Team Leader and BGS Rifleman (PzF84) 


BGS Marksman and BGS Rifleman (PzF44)


Global Mobilisation dependant. Additional units and squads added to the BGS include Border Guards, Teams with various set ups like AT, MAT, MG3, Support. Larger 9 man squads are also added, with equipment and loadouts based on a Manoeuvre Element of a Jäger Company in 1985 as I could not find specific infantry squad level organisation for the BGS. Officers and supporting units like AT/Anti-Infantry engineers, Medics, Recon, minelayers and Marksmen are also added. 

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Hey, I'm not sure if you saw my comment on the workshop upload of [SFF-R] Islamic State. I was wondering, would it would be possible to get the mods signed so they can be used in multiplayer? I've used your Islamic State mod before and was really disappointed when I realized I couldn't use it on the signature-enforced server I'm running right now.


Also I'm eager to see how the Bundesgrenzschutz mod in your last post turns out. Plus I have a couple of friends who will be ecstatic when that releases.

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Yeah, the Bundesgrenzschutz are slowly being worked on, I have a few others that are higher priority right now, but I do hope to polish them up into a more stable faction and release them in maybe a couple of weeks (roughly). 


I've not signed most of the mods I've done apart from a few because I don't play with groups that sign stuff (ACE kicks people anyway) and none of the other groups that I know of sign either, but I totally understand that some groups do run signs, it's just not something I've ever had really work on my end/ I've always had the signing fail when I try to get it working with my factions and I'm unsure why. 


(Hash not loaded and failed to sign errors)

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I don't think the BGS Forces should get facemasks and so on, they're still technically a police unit, so it isn't really fitting for their "normal" Units to cover their faces.



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Have you ever thought about making old Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian infantry because most of these Arab countries during the 1960s and 70s use British webbing found in Spearpoint mod and would add to the cold war stuff

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AAF 'Spathi' Special Forces/ Recon Team released-























This is an expansion of the AAF (Altis Armed Forces) troops to include Special Forces, giving the AAF an equivalent to NATO and CSAT's existing Recon Teams or CTRG/Viper Team, which AAF lacks in the base game. 

Historical Info-

AAF 'Spathi' (Blade) Special Forces were a unit formed during the start of the Altis Civil War, and served in recon, direct action raids, hostage rescue and other missions where the conventional AAF infantry forces lacked equipment or training. 

The Faction-

Because of their specialist role compared to the AAF infantry, Spathi forcesare armed with M4A1's and M4A1 SBR's as standard, supported by 7.62 M14 EBR's like the conventional infantry and and MG3's GPMG's. M72 LAW's are Spathi's main AT weapon. The standard sidearm remains the ACP M1911, often with laster/light combos or supressors. 

Uniforms are AAF digital camo. Crye Opscores are the standard Spathi helmet, but some boonies and field caps are also used on occasion. 

Specialist Elements-

The Spathi have access to combat engineers/explosive specialists and medical teams. Sniper-Spotter teams are also recruited from the AAF ground forces or Spathi itself. 

The 'Spathi' forces are an additional side-faction to the main AAF forces to make it compatible with AAF Overhaul/replacement mods or base game AAF forces. 

Faction has full Editor, Zeus, Task Force Radio and ALiVE support (faction name AAFSF ) Also supports ACE3 Medical system.



Steam Workshop- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1763821736


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