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Rainbow Team Two recruiting german-speaking ArmA3-Operators

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Unit background:

῾Rainbow Team Two῾ was founded by Flipper and Maddog in late summer 2011 – under ARMA 2 at this time.

Initially, we focussed on LAN parties (with occasionally up to eight team members). Since over two years ago, we train steadily every Tuesday evening with a small unit consisting of three operators on our rented server.

῾Audaces fortuna adiuvat῾ - ῾Fortune favours the brave῾ is our motto at all times!


Semi-realistic MilSim enactment:

We put our main emphasis on custom missions (primarily anti-terror operations, patrol, CQB), where we do a semi-realistic enactment of a modern special forces unit to the greatest possible extent. Here, we orient ourselves by the rank and unit structure of the US special forces.

Accordingly, all members of our unit have the possibility to specialize on a ῾position῾, be it marksman, grenadier, IAR, EOD specialist, medic or rifleman, according to one’s abilities. The chosen team position is accompanied by the respective weaponry and equipment.


We offer:

- German as working language

- Humorous, respectful und fun oriented cooperation within a small fellowship (max. 10 operators)

- Openness to long-serving ARMA-veterans as well as newbies - we offer instructions ;-)

- Wide, challenging and tactically oriented mission spectrum (mainly self-created missions) on rented server

- Training every Tuesday, starting 8 p.m. CET

- Friday: on demand free Patrol mission, starting 8 p.m. CET

- No obligation to regular attendance


Contact us via:

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RTT2011


ArmA3-Units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/rainbowteamtwo


Public Teamspeak3 lobby:


Mail: rainbowteamtwo@gmx.de


On this note, we would like to wish you:


῾Audaces fortuna adiuvat!῾


MAJ Flipper




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