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23rd Division ( IJA ) Realism Unit - Milsim -

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The Sunrise Division ''旭兵団''



The 23rd Division (第23師団 Dai-nijūsan Shidan?) was an infantry division in the Imperial Japanese Army. Its call-sign was the Sunrise Division (旭兵団 Kyokuhei-dan?). The 23rd Division was formed in Kumamoto on 4 April 1938, in the same day as 15th, 17th, 21st and 22nd divisions, as part of the military buildup following the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War. The first divisional commander was Michitarō Komatsubara. 



The Group


The goal of this group/realism unit is to show diversity in ARMA 3 Realism scene in the way of that we will show the Pacific/Asian Theatre of war as a Japanese IJA Army Unit. 
We try to give an diverse and unique experience from Jungle Patrols,Defense missions and full scale PVE/PVP events for in the future. 

We are a side unit of the 27.Fusilier regiment since this is our main unit so if you are also interested in the Eastern/Western front as a wehrmacht grenadier then hit us up!. 


Apart of playing as the 23rd Division( IJA ) , We will play as the SNLF ( IJN / Marines ) and other Assorted japanese units, so we can explore the experience of the japanese side of WW2.


Our regiment will also try to cover almost every front/aspect of the japanese perspective of the war!



Recruitment : OPEN 


Recruitment is at this moment open, we are looking for new individuals that are interested in WW2 Realism and or people that are interested in the Pacific Theatre of war.

Below you can see what the recruitments are to join our unit.


  •  Atleast 16 years old and mature ( If younger contact one of the Officers/NCO's )
  • Have a legit copy of Arma 3 ( Apex is nice to have too ) 
  • Have Decent English speaking skills
  • Have a Headset.
  • Teamspeak / Steam 
  • Open to have fun and learn about Japanese Infantry Tactics and WW2 History



Contact Info

Here you can find our Contact info





** Pictures Are placeholder!

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