Simple script that allows you fire a guided missile from the position of your choice to any type of target (object, unit, laser designated target...) I made this script for a mission I'm working on and I thought that could be useful for others. Hope you enjoy it !   Link to the script guidedMissile.sqf   What it does The script simply creates a missile on a defined position that will track a designated target. The target can be a ground/air static or moving target. It can also be a laser designated target.   How it works To use this script add the following code into a trigger:
  nul=[target, startLocation, missileType, missileLaunchingHeight] execVM "guidedMissile.sqf" For exemple, if the target is laser designated by the player:
  nul=[laserTarget player, getPos startLocation, "M_Scalpel_AT", 500] execVM "guidedMissile.sqf"   Update 1.1 Fixed: it is now possible to target fast flying targets such as aircrafts