Since BI can not (or will not) fix issues I have where I can no longer subscribe to new content on the SWS (I cant even unsubscribe, if I do, I end up with corrupted addons in my list) and I really dont give a rats ass if they will ever fix it I am searching for my own solutions. As a result of all my attempts to solve it myself I think the issue is caused by bad communication between the default (by BI) game launcher and my Steam account cause installing Steam and the game on different PC's with different OS does not help anything. And on some PC's the mods I subscribed to dont even install while if I check my Steam account on that same PC I see hundreds of sub'ed addons. So, I have a question about Steam. I want to buy a new version of Arma 3 with a new Steam account which I will open for it. What happens than? Will steam see I already have an A3 install on my PC and will my new user account use that same Arma 3 installation? Or, will Steam install an additional Arma version? Or..... will things get further screwed up? This is all with one windows account!   Yeah, its kind of silly huh, while BI cant be bothered about crap steam issues saying they cant fix steam issues (LMFAO) I spend more money on a dev who cant be bothered but well, I need this crap SWS to work so not much choice left.