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BankRev with -f and -prefix

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Ive been trying to get the A3 PBOs to extract using BankRev with a destination (-f) and without PBO folder name (-prefix) but im damned if i can get it to work properly with both flags.

For testing purposes I have all the A3 PBOs in - E:\extracted_a3\toextract\

And the destination i would like is - E:\extracted_a3\extracted\Retail\

The batch file is being run from E:\extracted_a3\

Now i can get it to extract generally with

for /f "tokens=*" %%v IN ('dir /b toExtract\*.pbo') DO "D:\Utils\SteamUtilities\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\BankRev\BankRev.exe" -f "E:\extracted_A3\extracted\Retail" "E:\extracted_A3\toExtract\%%v"
But this will place each PBOs data in a folder of the PBOs name.

I have tried nearly every perceivable combination that i can think of to add the -prefix to the command but i cannot get it to extract the data in the same format as workDrive does.

I always end up with PBO directory names.

The only way i have managed to get a normal output is by leaving out the destination and adding -prefix, in which case i get the expected folder structure but on the root of my E:.

How do you express a destination folder without the PBO prefix folder name?

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