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How to play ARMA3 in VR (without VorpX, using Virtual Desktop)

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Hi all,

this is a small tutorial how to play ARMA3 in VR (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) without using VorpX.


The main conecpt is base on the idea of "NeoArmageddon" so many thx for that!


What do you need:

1) Reshade (http://reshade.me)

2) the Reshade SBS Shader (https://github.com/BlueSkyDefender/Depth3D)

3) Virtual Desktop (Steam)

4) Opentrack (https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack/releases) now works with SteamVR



1) Start the install of Reshade

2) Klick "Select Game" and select the arma3.exe in the arma 3 install folder

3) Choose the correct DirectX/OpenGL version for arma3 (DirectX 11)

4) On the question with the "standard shader" select "NO"

​5) Extract the Depth3D Shader file and copy the "SuperDepth3D.fx" file into the main ARMA3 folger (where the arma3.exe is).

6) Start Virtual Desktop

7) Start ARMA3 (check that the game will not start in Cinema Mode! Uncheck the option in arma3 properties in stream

8) If the game has started hit SHIFT+F2

9) A menu will appear. Klick continue

10) Klick to the "+" button

11) Write "SuperDepth3D.fx" (without quotes) into the inputfield and press return

12) To enable the shader click to the checkbox next to "Super_Depth3D". Now the display turned to SBS

13) Click to "Continue", some options will be shown

14) Enable the option "Polynominal Barrel Distortion"

15) With the option "Perspective Slider" you are able to bring the both images together (move left - right) in vr glasses

16) With "Horizontal and Vertical" you are able to change the size of the image in vr glasses

17) Change the Viewmode in Virtual Desktop to Direct SBS with Lense Correction


Use Opentrack for Headtracking.


If i will get some time (hopefully tomorrow) i will give you more details about resolution and settings.



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Thanks, this is really interesting. A couple points:


1) The "Polynominal Barrel Distortion" option doesn't seem to appear in the most recent version of the software you mention


2) The "Horizontal and Vertical" option doesn't appear either


3) I would be really curious to know about the resolution you use. I'm having two issues:

     - if you run at the native resolution, then when you enable Super_Depth3D, each of the two "eyes" is at a really narrow aspect ratio. i.e. it splits the screen into two, so each is half the width but the full height, making everything really weird

     - when I run at my native resolution (2560x1440), I'm getting 60+ FPS on the monitor, but < 10 FPS in the rift (this is with two Titan X (Pascal) running in SLI, so GPU is not an issue)


Any tips?



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I am really very interested to know if there is any new info on this?

Dont have my vive yet, but i am nervous as my main use will be arma 3 helicopter.

will this enable me to pilot in vr? Also be able to lean forward and to sides to view backwards or closer to instruments?


//The Thor

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I know am like 5 years late on this, but does it still work and could I play in a BattlEye protected multiplayer server?

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Never heard about Reshade and Opentrack, but have some experience with Arma3 and Vorpx.
I can tell you: don't do it. You will get motion sick within a minute. Arma3 is not desigend for VR... and this includes everything. Shaders, geometry, controls, etc. It's simply no fun in VR.
IMHO the only thing we can do is to hope for the new Enfusion engine.


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