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[SP] Rydygier's Pilgrimage - Tanoa and RHS versions

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Pilgrimage, a great scenario created by Rydygier, winner of the "Make Arma Not War" contest, whose description and mission can be found in the original tread,
was initially created for Altis and with Rydygier permission:

I'm always open to good ideas, feedback is appreciated and mission is easy to enhance with new features. Anybody can depack this mission and change it for own needs, even release such changed version, as long proper credits are given: it is released under APL-SA license. Enjoy  :)

I ported Pilgrimage on the island of Tanoa, adapting this mission to the Apex, using specific units, vehicles and weapons from this DLC.
I also modified the original versions of Pilgrimage Altis and Pilgrimage Chernarus, changing the vanilla Arma 3 units with those from RHS Escalation mod.
I did not change anything in the scenario or the specific functions of the original mission, only the location and class names.
All credit and gratitude goes to Rydygier.
PILGRIMAGE RHS ALTIS  (require RHS Escalation)

Fixed: crash at the start of mission thanks to Robalo (in all 3 versions)
Added: ww2 japanese bunkers as military buildings and some fixes for Tanoa version


Any comments or feedback about these versions, please express them in this thread.

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