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New European Milisim Team

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European Operations Forces is the first professional European Milsim team for Arma 3.


That means that all important positions are with monthly salary.

We are looking for staff, blog/article authors, admins, designers, server admins and mission makers, as well as
Operation Officers, Commanders and Train Instructors.

Our Website and Forum will be custom built and not a ready template, and will be ready in 4 weeks.

So European Operation Forces is asking for experienced players in Arma 3 with more than 1000 hours in game, both in Cooop and PvP missions in order to undertake the job of Team Captains, Leaders, etc.

These men will command a team in Operations but also train other soldiers as well.

We are looking for:

  • Infantry Division Commander with good knowledge in all infantry movements and tactics.
  • Special Forces Division Commander with good knowledge in Diving, parachute etc.
  • Air Division Commander.
  • Armored Division.

We are also looking for :

  • Mission Makers
  • Servers Admins

All with monthly salary,

Please send CV with full details in hq@eurof-team.org

P.S: Please don't send us your applications or messages here at the forum. Use the email provided.

Thank you

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