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[Questions] Detect when Curator is using camera and Disabling map icons

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Hello folks. Two questions:


1. Is there a function call that returns a boolean when a curator is actively using the camera? something along the lines of:

"inCamera curator" => returns true when actively using the birds-eye view camera and false when controlling their normal physical character. Pretty much some way to recognize a trigger for when the player enters and exits zeus. my current awful solution is detecting the "Using Inventory" animation for standing, crouching, and prone. This, however, doesn't work if the player is in an advanced stance or in a vehicle. 


2. Is there a way to disable unit markers on the zeus map for zeus. I don't mean the difficulty setting for all player maps (that's already disabled) nor do I mean removing units from the curator editable objects (that's also already disabled). Despite the magic map being off and the units not in the curator's editable objects, they still show up on zeus player's map. Anyway to disable this?


Thanks for the read.

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A bit more investigation of the map situation:


(Only mod being used here is RHS because those are the units I have setup as spawnable for zeus. no ace, cba, etc)


Vehicle to the left is displayed on the map as a curator editable object, albeit outside the editable area limit (desired).

Vehicle to the right is not displayed as a curator editable object (desired).

Vehicle to the right is displayed on the map with its silhouette icon (undesired).

Vehicle to the right is still double-clickable to open the zeus edit unit panel (100% undesired).





curatorEditableObjects curatorObj returns:

[O Alpha 2-2:1,O Alpha 2-2:1] which is just ["rhs_gaz66_r142_msv", "rhs_msv_driver"] aka the vehicle on the left and its driver.

Vehicle on the right is not part of editable objects but is still, in a way, editable with the double clicking and is displayed on the map.


This almost seems like an oversight with zeus's functionality. I can still edit a unit's stance, rank, health, skill via the map despite the unit not being in the list of the curatorEditableObjects (vanilla units included). I can even open up the Edit Unit window by double clicking on the spot on the map where I know there are located despite their silhouette not being displayed. (I do not know why some units display on the map and others do not). I believe I am in need of BI intervention as this might be undesired zeus functionality to begin with.


If this just cannot be stopped, is there some way to outright remove zeus's ability to open the map? 

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1. Yes, but requires some code to make it work, and I'm not sure if it will work for what you need it for.


A solution is to check if the Zeus interface is opened (and closed) using the UI event handlers:

class RscDisplayCurator 
    onLoad = "[_this select 0] call some_onload_function;";
    onUnload = "[_this select 0] call some_onunload_function;";

These functions should then set a (global) variable which then (by a third function) can be returned. 



2. If I'm correct the "best" which can be done is only showing the units from the same side as Zeus (so BLUFOR Zeus can't see OPFOR units on map, unless spotted by friendlies).

As for being able to edit the "uneditable" units via the map, this seems like a bug. But I should test this before I can confirm (not that it's required ;) ).

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1. UI Event handlers look like what I need for the curator detection. Will have to follow up with progress on that. Thank you.


2. Do you have more on the topic of only showing the units from the same side as Zeus? In other words what defines "showing" or not? To my current knowledge the only limitations I can put on a zeus player is the (intended) ability to edit the unit or not; something I've already proven is actually not even functioning :eh:. If there does exist a function that allows you to manipulate what is shown to the zeus player's map then that would be perfect for me. However I cannot find anything like that and I hope I'm just blind and someone can enlighten me. 


Editing bug has been posted to feedback tracker https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121529

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