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Another economic sector Bohemia Interactive can explore : Firefighting

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An economic sector is in the reach of Bohemia Interactive.

Indeed, firefighters of the whole world train on simulators, to fight against forest fires.


the RV4 graphic engine, already used on ARMA3, and professionally on VBS3, would be a good tool to simulate operations against forest fires.

I honestly think it would be a good opportunity for Bohemia Interactive to explore this economic market.


The SCmod I developed is a very modest example of what might become of such a simulation.


Indeed, with more resources and more expertise than me, the Bohemia Interactive teams would be able to create a more complete project, for a specialized simulation. 


France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA, Canada and many other countries use these kind of simulators (eg Vulcain 3.0).

The professional simulators developed by Bohemia Interactive are a good example of the quality of such a project.

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Good idea. Also-I tried your SC mod for the first time yesterday-very impressive :D

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To mondkalb > GOD SAVE BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE !  :627: 


HUGE !  :D  :blink: 


But I imagine that no public downloads are possible.  -_- 

You are awesome !
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Shame on me as a firefighter missing this topic....... but fighting "fire" on the current engine is not something to be looking at (had a good discussion about  this recently with a BI developer), the new engine (Enfussion) wil have much more possibilities to make such a type of game to a succes.


Just for the record Bohemia Interactive (BI) and Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BIS) are 2 separate businesses, of course from time to time resources/developers get shared for knowlage and experience.



As a firefighter i know how it is in real life and making fire "eat" and extinguishing a fire is a challenging thing to get that in a game as a real  "firefighter" simulator, many have already tried and always were discussed (steamdiscussion) as being just a regular game (some only got negative reactions, or are a copy for a previous version within a new firehouse or town) and not a simulator.


If Bohemia Interactive would create such a game the expectations would be so extremely high (as people would look at it just as ARMA3 is compared to a real military simulator), the players would want the smallest details to be perfect.

With such a game developers would have to keep many aspects/elements in mind:


  • First of all everything in game must have the option to be "damaged" by fire and has its own way of burning (paper burns fast while a wooden log would burn must slower) or be damaged by fire, even concrete can be damaged by fire!

  • Than we have the temprature/heat radiation: in a small room a small fire can cause enough heat to let other things in that room "damp out "toxic/flamable gasses" wich can ignite at the right temprature, as a small example: a old fasion 1970 hard wood chair wont burn as fast and hot as chairs from the last 20 years, the chairs these days all got soaked in coatings wich will damp out during a small fire and cause a fire to spread much faster but also the heat will be much higher than with the old fasion chairs. 

  • With fire ALWAYS comes smoke...... do you know that these days firefighters are learning that: SMOKE IS FUEL! a small (low temprature) fire starts with white smoke while and a almost fully evovled fire will have dark heavy denced smoke wich can ignite with the right mixture of "fuel" (the smoke), temprature (to ignite) and oxygen (fire breathes so it needs "air").

  •  Than to keep in mind ventilation: open a door or window and a fire will get more oxygen and could burn must faster and harder than it did before the door/window was openend, with this also comes the "positive/negative" ventilation/pressure. The fire consumes all oxygen in a room and will get more as soon as a door get opend: than you get 3 layers: bottom: air/oxygen (is cold and stays low), top: smoke getting "pushed out" by the high temprature pressure, middle: on the bottem of the smoke layer you will see that it gets sucked back in to the source, and wenn you have that dence black smoke you are mixing it with oxygen and sending it back to the higher temprature to ignite, so it could "ignite" in right in front of you.  

  • Fighting the fire: water is mostly used but did you know that 1 liter of water thats put on a (good burning hot) fire creates a volume of +-1000 liters steam?

  • Water always followes his own path creating secundairy damage to a building, with even risks of colapse of floors or rooftops.

  • That the hot dark dence smoke (smoke is fuel) needs to be cooled so it does not ignite behind/above you, that way you keep your "work space" safer than it was with the hot smoke.

Now there is alot more i can tell you but even making these above mentiont things possible in a game engine........... 


A little bit about "wild fire" (from a EU side point of view): Each tree has its own way of burning: a needle tree (pine) will burn much faster(due to the resin wich is a oil type), the needles can burn extremly fast from bottom to top creating a "crown" fire wich creates a fire in the top of trees moving much faster with a little bit of wind.

Oak trees wont burn that fast but wenn they burn it means the fire is hot and also hard to put out as it slowly burn deep in the wood.

Another type of wildfire: "grass fires" (or vegitation on the ground) wenn you got a large open area with a bit of wind such a fire can spread real fast (walking fire).

With every wildfire there is a risk that it goes "underground": roots of trees and bushes can burn down in the ground and they can move onder the ground burning up the roots and spread even furter under ground.



These are just some aspects of firefighting, i really can write an entire story, filling many pages of the forum, but only looking at these points and making them possible in a game (because people will expact this type of details from Bohemia Interactive or Bohemia Interacitve Simulations) this would mean a massive usages of your engine as fire needs to be treated like a "living thing"  with full capability to grow or be put out in a right way (wrong way could mean that the fire lights up again).



As many people i really would like to see a "firefighter simulator" created by BI but also know that wenn they create such a game the expactations will be high as people like people are now comparing ARMA3 to a real militairy simulator like VBS.








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