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Flying Monkeys in Space | Semi-Milsim Group

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Flying Monkeys In Space


Who are we?
Flying Monkeys In Space is the next generation in Arma III Milsim. We aim to host missions for those whom seek the desire to play Arma to it's full extent. Our end goal is to make the most immersive and exciting gaming experience possible without all the 'Yes Sir' 'No Sir' BS. Our group aims to host amazingly fun and enjoyble operations weekly.

What Do We Do?
Flying Monkeys In Space currently employs the use of the new and improved 3DEN editor for Arma III. Working alongside the 3DEN editor our talented mission makers create tailored in house missions to suit our Milsim needs. These missions can consist of killing an officer, combined arms assault on a town or city, capturing an officer, finding intel etc. As well as Relaxed Milsim operations we will also conduct training days throughout the week to bring new players and old players alike up to speed with new mods or just the basics of Arma. Flying Monkeys In Space has around 20 active members on most nights and we also converge with other clans and take part in massive 30 - 40 player operations aswell.

In order to take part in FMIS activities you will need:
  •     Working Mic
  •     Teamspeak 3
  •     16+
  •     The will to download mods
  •     Are free on atleast one of the op days
  •     Arma3 Sync
  •     A level of maturity

Mission Days
We do not force you to come on specific days however it is highly encouraged to be active within the community and join for atleast one large operation per week. Below, will list the current active mission days:
  •     Wednesday (Small Op)
  •     Friday (Large Op
  •     Saturday (Joint Op w/ TFD, 40-50 player ops)
  •     Sunday (Large Op)
So, if this group sounds like the group for you, you can either comment down below, send myself a message on steam or head over to the Arma3 Units page and apply there. Once again, thank you for reading.
Teamspeak Server: ts.fmisgaming.com
Group Media:
​​​Operation Hell Raiser | Snapshot



Operation Crop Duster | Snapshot



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