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Arma 3 Launcher saying "Server Doesn't Require Any Mods"

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On one of my test servers I'm currently trialling a new mod call SM_Zombz which is on the Steam Workshop. The server is running Arma 3 will full DLC including Apex. The mods are Zombies and Demons, Exile and the new mod SM_Zombz. The server works fine, loads/uses all mods as it should and everything is working correctly in game but, the launcher shows the server as not requiring any mods. It also says no DLC is required. If you go with the suggested option of "Set Up Mods and Join" you obviously get kicked.


In a 3rd party proprietary launcher everything shows as it should. All correct mods showing as required and you can launch into the server without any problem. So, I'm at a loss as to why the Arma 3 launcher isn't showing the required mods and dlc...


The launch params are below. I have tried with mod name as just SM_Zombz and removed the "" wrapping the -mod= parameter but, that makes no difference.

"-mod=@exile;@ryanzombies;@SM_Zombz v0.3.2.3;"


The mission.sqm has the addons correctly as below:

addons[] = {"exile_client","A3_Ui_F","RyanZombies","SM_Zombz","brdm2","uh1h"};


On most the other server owner discord channels I've asked on, the general response is that maybe it's taking it's time. You have it set correctly because it's working and showing up in the other launcher... But, this is now 48 hours more or less....


Any ideas anyone?


Thanks in advance.




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Server version: 164138732

Required game version: 1.64.138497


Map: Tanoa

Mission: Exile

Players: 0/60


Apologies, might help if I added the server info....

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Many thanks for your response. Just to confirm there are other servers running the same combination of mods or, with further additional mods and they are shown correctly in the launcher.

I have also been in direct contact with the mod author who also confirms everything is set as it should be which, is why the server is working as intended and shown correctly in the 3rd party launcher.

Let me know if you need anything more from me. I'm happy with the mod and otherwise am keen to promote to my 2 live exile servers asap as it significantly improves server fps from the server side zombie spawner I'm currently using.

Thanks again.

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Just to add, the author of the mod has it locked. When you double click on pbo in the addons folder you get a message that it's corrupted but, it's not and still works just fine. Again, other servers seems to be showing the mods and dlc just fine in the launcher....


Would really appreciate if you have any ideas for me to try...

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