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sharing my all the weapons script

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sharing the script of this addon



Some arma 3 users have asked me how to edit and change my alltheweapons script to meet their specicif needs.


to make it as easy as possible have released it in script version.


link to the zip containing the source is below at bottom of this post. any updates will be reflected here too.note


Q i want to give side Y certain weapons?

A edit the weapon lists in loadSideWeapons2.sqf all you need is the basic weapon name as defined by the author. For optimization try to simply. so for m4s for example, you only need the text "_m4" and all variants like _m4a and _m4a1 will auto be included. similarly "_ak" gets all ak variants.


Q I want to give certain untis certain weapon types (aka pilots get light machine guns)

A edit tws_simpleRearm.sqf and find the part where the unit type you want is given their current weapontype. then simply change the weapontype


Q How do i toggle changing player weapons ro not

A line 43 in tws_init.sqf change the 0 to a 1 for _persvalue or vice versa (1 means no dont change the player weapon - ie keep persistent. 0 means chaneg the weapon of the player). note the other values here have been deactivated but allowed you to remove all nightvision goggles and even asign do random hats per side. If that is wanted i can reactivate but that'lll just need a little time for rewriting the needed code and debugging. seemed unneeded.


its cool to use any part for non-commercial, non-governmental and non-money-associated use. Just give a link to the original and credit the author (aka me). See the readme in the zip for more.


if you just want to use it for a personal script or mission you share freely with the community then go ahead no problem. Just make sure to change the global variables and file names to avoid conflicts. these are defined in tws_init.sqf and the loadGlobal* files. easiest way is running a folder wide change text over all the files in the folder that changes xxxx_ to whatever your identifier is.

notepad++ is a great and free way to do this http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-find-and-replace-words-in-multiple-files/


the script version is here...


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