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Strange behaviour with buttonSetAction

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Hi all,


I encountered rather strange and very dangerous bug.


Following code will execute, but will ignore structure elements like IF blocks. Resulting in both lines written.

_action = '
   if (true) then {
      hint "This line MUST print"
   } else {
      hint "This line MUST NOT print"
_button buttonSetAction _action;

Pressing this button will result in printing both lines with no errors, it is if like there were no IF block or it`s evaluation skipped.


However following code will execute as expected

_action = 'if (true) then {hint "This line MUST print"} else {hint "This line MUST NOT print"}';
_button buttonSetAction _action;

It looks like newlines and tabs, causing this strange behaviour.



Other workaround for buttonSetAction is using calling global function.

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