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WithSIX Server Browser with full mod Support

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Meet the all new


withSIX Server - Browser



This web based server browser, allows you to quickly find and join any server, while all required mods will be automatically downloaded and installed for you.



Key Features for Users:

  • Hyper fast Server list, filtering and ordering
  • Select servers by mod and playlist
  • Advanced filter
  • Click and join
  • Automatically download and install required mods
  • Steam Workshop Support

The new server filter is still in development, but fully functional. Experience the super-fast and smooth filters yourself and let us know what you think?



Upcoming Features for Server Hosts:

  • Full LINUX and MAC support
  • Connect any collection to your server
  • Full Version control for all withSIX hosted content
  • Choose optional and required mods
  • Customize your Server page with Banners and more
  • Connect custom repositories or third party content hosts
  • Community servers for members only
  • Private community content

If you have any special requests or issues to report, write us here, or on our community forums.

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- Faster Filter settings

- Improved Steam client launch

- Better Support for Steam Workshop mods

- FIXED: Sync client now connects with web interface more reliably. 

- FIXED: VCRedistInstaller.exe causing Lockup on some systems



We are currently working on the ability to host servers. This will allow you to run and command local and dedicated servers with the full set of withSIX features, such as version control, optional mods and even custom repository support. 

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