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[UK/EU] - 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment - British Realism Unit - Arma 3

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2 PARA is a British Realism unit. We started off in ARMA 2 in 2014, but have now returned in ARMA 3, with many of our old members joining back to re-create the fun we had back then. Our aim is to provide a realistic, but fun experience to all of our members through our high quality missions every Saturday at 8pm GMT (Or BST during summer). We use a variety of mods, such as ACE, ACRE, and a collection of British Unit and vehicle mods to allow us to emulate the parachute regiment.


Why join us?


We play Arma in a tactical, realistic way, using teamwork to achieve our objectives. We have a simple phase one training, therefore this group is perfect for those that want a mature, tactical community, but maybe don’t have the time or the interest in hyper-realistic milsim groups as we don't try to match the real world procedures. The term we use to describe this is 'casual milsim'.
If you cannot attend every mission due to other commitments or uncertainty, you can also join the reserves; this allows you to join in when you’re able, although you won’t be able to have any specialist roles.




We have some basic requirements we ask from people joining, but the most important is for people to be mature when we are playing:

  • Mature

  • Working Microphone

  • Own Arma 3 (No DLC required)

  • Speak English fluently

  • Can attend trainings/missions at times above (unless reserves)

  • Not in another group already (that clashes with our times)


Extra Info

We use highly modified and simplified British tactics to fit the game. Our main aim is to have fun. We aim to achieve this by using teamwork in an efficient and professional manner.
The ranks we have are 'functional’. They only exist to fit their own function. For example, as we are only up to one section currently, there is only a need for a Cpl to lead them. We are based on the Parachute Regiment, therefore our main role in conventional warfare will be para-drops and air assaults. Whereas, in counter insurgency campaigns, we will be replicating what most modern forces do in conflicts like Afghanistan and Iraq. You do not need a specific interest in the Parachute Regiment or the British Army to join, although you will get most out of the unit if you do.
If this post has managed to persuade you to sign up or at least ask a few more questions of what we can do for you, then either sign up on the website - https://2-para.co.uk/ - or, add me on Steam - razer313
Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!


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Update March 2018


2 PARA is back again, but much more prepared. Although being re-started again on Monday the 12th of March, we have grown to over a section in that time thanks to the passion of older members. For ex-members, its basically everything it was in Arma 2, just in Arma 3. We're hoping to add a different flavour of realism in the British realism community by focusing less on trainings and more on realistic, team-based fun. We have since also added the reserves and the cadets to facilitate those potentially good members who we might miss out on normally due to our built in constraints.


If you weren't part of us last time, check out this thread on our forums to see our history - https://2-para.co.uk/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?129


We're hoping to grow to a platoon size in the next few weeks, if you want to join us on this journey please see the above, updated information about the community, and apply now. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Update April 2018


We've now grown to a platoon size and looking forward to opening up our flight group and fire support group. We have also removed our age limit and we judge applicants on a case-by-case basis. Our first campaign starts next week so it is a great time to join if you're interested!


Here are some pictures from a recent operation and training.









Here is a short clip from an operation done a few weeks ago. 


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The group is still going strong and we have a few major updates that might interest anyone looking to join a group.


We have finished our conventional campaign on Chernarus. Here are some picture & video highlights of that.










We're just about to start our new counter-insurgency campaign in Sangin, this is persistent and will last several weeks.


We now only have one event a week, and that is at Saturday at 8pm. There are no more training's on Wednesday, if individuals need extra training they will get it outside of normal times or just before the mission with their NCO. So if you just want to get your 2 hour fix of Arma a week, you now don't have to commit more than you want to. Regulars should attend 75% of events a month, reserves should aim to attend as much as possible but at least one a month.


We have a 'Fire Support Group', not only do they provide close fire support, but they also do any other non-combat role we need, such as EOD, logistics resupply and armoured troop transport. If this is the type of thing that interests you then please join and you could be selected to join them.


If you have any questions or just want a chat, you can also just join our Teamspeak and if anyone is around we might be able to help - ts.2-para.co.uk - alternatively, add me on Steam - razer313

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