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Preliminary How To Host dedicated server of Project Argo

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Anybody still running servers?


For some reason I cannot start the game if I have dedicated server active.

I didn't have this problem in the past if remember corectly, and Arma3 also worked this way.

I usually get my server running on my primary machine, then copy it over to my server.


I have a 1U rack server running Windows server 2003, I was wanting try it out on as well as a Windows 10 machine in the rack which I used for Arma3 and Argo in the past.

My connection is 360mb X 32mb/sec. I had 10 players on my gaming machine hosting through the game, (Not Dedicated) without issues. ran really smooth with only 21% CPU usage while also gaming..

It seems like I am not even hosting the game. it is so smooth.


I think the reason the game died is the over complicated registration and download process.

Friends wanted to play some gave up as we tried to walk them through the process, I believe if it was as simple as just adding it to steam library like all other games then more people would be playing.


I just got back into Argo about 1 day before support ended.


I love this game, and hate to see it go away.


Anyway, I am reviving my Argo server, the CMOS battery died so I am changing that tonight so my raid settings will stay.

I see a lot of nice features were added, and myself and friends are back into it.


Hope to see this game revived, Please fix the registration and download process.


It would be nice some users posting great info about settings and experiences.



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I was wondering how to show all missions and maps in a list for voting.

I saw this on a server.


Mine just has the boxes with 9 maps.


Thanks all.


*** EDIT - Nevermind if you just leave out mission cycle, and voting settings it will default to this screen which players can choose any mission or map. available.




Edited by -_- Mr.Scary
Figured it out

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I rent a oficial  custom server  but cant put combat patrol   this is me config   any can help me¿?¿?¿?




hostname = "nitroracingteam.es ESPAN?A Ts3 asesinosasueldo.3tspro.xyz";
//password     = "ServerPassword";      // Password required to join the server (remove // at start of line to enable)
passwordAdmin  = "XXXXXXX";       // Password to login as admin. Open the chat and type: #login password
maxPlayers = 10;
persistent     = 1;     // If set to 1, missions will continue to run after all players have disconnected; required if you want to use the -autoInit startup parameter

disableVoN       = 1;     // If set to 1, voice chat will be disabled
vonCodecQuality  = 30;    // Supports range 1-30; 1-10 is 8kHz (narrowband), 11-20 is 16kHz (wideband), 21-30 is 32kHz (ultrawideband); higher = better sound quality, more bandwidth consumption
autoSelectMission = true; // reports mission inside mission cycle even before first player join the server

voteMissionPlayers  = 1;       // Minimum number of players required before displaying the mission selection screen, if you have not already selected a mission in this config
voteThreshold       = 0.33;    // Percentage (0.00 to 1.00) of players needed to vote something into effect, for example an admin or a new mission. Set to 9999 to disable voting.
votingTimeOut = 30;
roleTimeOut = 45;
briefingTimeOut = 20;
debriefingTimeOut = 30;

//Kick settings for Team Killing and Idle players
kickTeamKill = 5; //Number of TeamKill's before a player is kicked off the server
kickInactive = 900; //Number of seconds a player is idle before being kicked off the server

// WELCOME MESSAGE ("message of the day")
// It can be several lines, separated by comma
// Empty messages "" will not be displayed, but can be used to increase the delay before other messages
motd[] =
    "TS3 asesinosasueldo.3tspro.xyz",
motdInterval = 5;    // Number of seconds between each message

//forcedDifficulty = "Easy";    //forcedDifficulty = "Normal";    
forcedDifficulty = "Easy"
ARGOMissionVoteType = "CombatPatrol";  //ARGOMissionVoteType = "Raid"; //ARGOMissionVoteType = "Link";
//ARGOMissionVote = true;

//missionsToServerRestart=4; //missionsToShutdown = 4;    

randomMissionOrder = False;
class Missions
    class ProjectArgoMission01 {
    template = "MP_ARGO_CombatPa?tro?l?_01.Abel"; //actual missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Raid_La_Trinite.Abel"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Raid_MOUT.Abel"; //aprevious missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Raid_Radio_Station.Abel"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Raid_Le_Port.Abel"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Raid_AA_Site.Abel"; //previous missions

    class ProjectArgoMission02 {
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Conf_Larche.Abel"; //actual missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Conf_La_Trinite.Abel"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Conf_Cancon.Abel"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Conf_Sainte_Marie.Abel"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Conf_Le_Port.Abel"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Conf_La_Riviere.Abel"; //previous missions 
    class ProjectArgoMission03 {
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Link_Le_Port.Abel"; //actual missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Link_Sainte_Marie.Abel"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Link_Cancon.Abel"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Link_Arudy"; //previous missions 
    //template = "MP_ARGO_Link_Airfield.Abel"; //previous missions 

timeStampFormat  = "short";                 // Timestamp format used in the server RPT logs. Possible values are "none" (default), "short", "full"
logFile          = "server_console.log";    // Server console output filename



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