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plugins for 3d max

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1 Are there any plugins for 3d max to create a model in the program there? To create p3d file?
2 whether it is possible to do something for Lod editor 3d max?

3 As create surface for my model and add sound ?

This cod for create my Surface?

class CfgSurfaces
class Default {};
class test_concr_Surface : Default
access = 2;
files = "concr*"; This name texture in RoadWay ?
rough = 0.1;
dust = 0.1;
soundEnviron = "Concrete"; This sound for texture?  As add new this sound?
character = "Empty";
friction = 0.9;
impact = "hitGroundHard";


As add this for my model?


rough=0.1;dust=0.1;bulletPenetrability=150; // distance in mm that a bullet with speed 1000 m/s go until it stops. Slowdown is calculated linear. soundEnviron=Empty;isWater=false;thickness=10 // not implemented in ArmAdensity=2500 // kg/m3, but it has actually no real value to ArmA engine too



surfaceInfo="data\wood.bisurf"; This add in my concr.rvmat ?



class Stage0


This  text my concr.rvmat

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Im not to sure as to what your getting at here but ill try my best to answer what I can,


1) There is apparently a plugin to do so but it is very old and outdated, and may not work very well for what you intend, If you are desperate to use a plugin in the modelling software and have any experience with it, I recommend blender, it has a great plugin that allows all the LOD's and everything to be done straight from blender and exported as a p3d file once you've finished. The only catch is that you have to open and save the p3d once it is exported otherwise it will not convert to a PBO. 


2) I'm not exactly sure what your asking, but if I guess right, no. All your LOD's are done on seperate layers in max then you export those layers as an fbx or an obj (or any other supported format) then import those into the p3d file using object builder and define the LOD then. So basically you can create the LOD in max, but I dont believe there is a plugin that allows you to define that LOD, you have to do that in object builder.


3) If you are talking about RVMAT's I believe that is an example one but I recommend reading all the BIS files links on the wiki related to it, as well as some of the tutorials on this forum. I to am currently looking into collecting a good amount of ways so I can learn RVMATS

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