Big update with many improvements
More Arma 3 compatibility
[CHANGED] OCP Houses will inherit House_F for DestructionEffects instead of House (Altis Life Housing Support)
[ADDED] config entry for "numberOfDoors"
[ADDED] OCP Doors will follow "BIS_disabled_door" variables
[ADDED] Inheritances for Open and Close Doors to remove Duplicate entries
[REMOVED] Extra actionstart and end entries
[REMOVED] Empty data areas and extra lines
[FIXED] CfgModels Angles were incorrect causing Open and Close to be switched.
[NEW] CfgModels Animation Sources cleaned up for a3 compatibility
[ADDED] Replace HouseV_1L1 with OCP HouseV_1L2 in search N replace script _countBldgs : 97 replaced
[ADDED] Replace HouseV_1I1 with OCP HouseV_3I1 in search N replace script _countBldgs : 103 replaced
[INFO] 200 more buildings are now enterable on Chernarus!
[NEW] Land_d_dom02_pinsk is now error free for use and up to date with above changes
[WIP] Land_d_dom01 is working as intended with 1 pesky popup I can't get rid of...
[UPDATE] This evening, no key change required if already up to date
[NEW] Each version has its own Search N Replace in respects to its contents. OCP replaces for OCP. OCPwJBAD replaces for OCP and JBAD.
[NEW] DPBEA OCP is now baked into OCP for those that use DPBEA Core
[NEW] DPBEA OCP and DPBEA JBAD are now baked into OCPwJBAD for those that use DPBEA Core
[INFO] These baked in addons have been signed with the OCP or OCPwJBAD key for ease of install/update(NO NEW KEYS)
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