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F-117, 1987 test flight accident, info wanted

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A more dra-

matic example occurred in 1987 when a pilot flying an F-117 Nighthawk, which is
the twin-tailed aircraft known as the stealth ï¬ghter, encountered bad weather during
a training mission. He lost one of his tail assemblies but proceeded back and landed
his plane without ever knowing that he was missing part of the tail. The robustness of
the control system in this case had the beneï¬cial effect of enabling the pilot to return
safely. However, it also had the effect that the pilot did not realize that his aircraft
had reduced capability and that the plane would not have performed correctly if a
high-speed maneuver was required.


This quote from a book about failures [1] (without references) sounds interesting but I couldn't google any more info about it. Do you know any interesting read (military history) about it?


[1] Auxiliary Signal Design for Failure Detection, page 2

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