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Hi everyone!

I've faced a problem, when spawning a structure, consisting of 500+ objects, on demand. When it happens, one or another random object from this structure doesn't show itself physically (for every player, so it seems to be not a client-side problem).

I'm wondering if there's a way to prespawn an objects in any virtual way and when they needed - just to enable them or clone into a real ones.
The hideObject way isn't appropriate for this, because the hidden objects are still participating in server-side calculations. That's why i've decided to use deleteVehicle after this massive structure done it's job in scenario (it really saves a server FPS).

I've tried to set for every such object "_obj enableSimulation false; _obj allowDamage false;" but it seems not to be helpful when this kind of complex structure (consisting of 500+ objects) are on the map in amount of 3 or more.

I really appreciate any help, guys.

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You should really look at Larrow's Eden Composition Spawning.This works very well and should spawn for all clients. I am using this in MP.



Thanks for your reply, thedubl!


I've researched the addon you've recommended and it seams to be much heavier, than spawning method, that i'm using right now (simple createVehicle, followed by setPosASL).

Are you removing this already spawned compositions? If yes - are they spawning again in less than 15 seconds after that removing?


In my case complex structure (consisting of 500+ objects) is spawning in 15 seconds almost completely (as i said above - without several random objects) and completely within 1 minute.


The goal, i'm trying to reach is the complete spawn within 15 seconds.

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It is really well built and straight forward and yes I delete the comps after the task is completed. It will spawn the entire comp almost instantly. I have built a comp with and easy 100 objects (embassy) if not more and there is no delay calling it  or deleting it. I think it takes only a few minutes to setup and worth a shot.

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