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1st Battalion 9th Marines

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1st Battalion 9th Marines 

"The Walking Dead"



Teamspeak -


The 1st Battalion 9th Marines is a new units whose doors opened just recently on Sunday the 9th of October 2016. We are looking to expand to at least a company size with attachments such as Air, Light Armor and a Weapons Platoon. If you feel this unit is for you don't hesitate to stop in and check us out!


What do we have to offer?

  • Full Training Pipeline
  • Easy To Navigate Website
  • Reserve Unit For Those That Lead Busy Lives
  • USMC Ranks & Structure
  • Small yet fulfilling mod pack
  • Unit Training's, Unit Operations, Fun Op's, Joint Op's, etc

What are the requirements to join?

  • Must be mature, 17+
  • Have a Working Microphone
  • Must Speak English
  • Be Active Throughout The Week
  • Must Be Able to Respect Chain of Command & Follow Basic Tasks
  • Legal Copy of ARMA III
  • Willing to Download Mods

When do we hold training and operations?

  • Training 1800 CST
  • Operations 2000 CST
  • Individual Squad and Fireteam training

​What positions are open?

  • 11x 0311 Rifleman

  • 3x 0331 Machine Gunner

  • 3x 0351 Assaultman

  • 2x 7599 Student Naval Aviator

  • 6x 1833 AAV Crewman


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