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Hello all


I have some questions and suggestions to developers (and players if you have the answer)


1) Is he expected in the future that the arsenal is equipped with predefined loadout (list of units like in the editor / Zeus, which should not be too difficult to include) rather than having to create a big list we almost never use


2) New official MPmissions / Gamemode planned ? Like classic Warfare/CTI (Already requested by the community it seems), coop, or new game mode (Zeus + players vs AI for example)


And two stupid questions:


3) I think I know the answer but still raises the question : New vehicles of control mode ? (like the classic control of Arma:CWC, with the mouse to point the direction, particularly for aircraft)


4) During the game, it often happens that someone is AFK temporarily, there is a command for the AI take control of the character temporarily? (like Intro / Outro in editor)



Thank you ;)



P.S : Sorry if my english is bad =S

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