Project - Vertical Lift 2035   This used to be the V-280 Valor thread. The Valor has progressed immensely with in-game testing happening on a regular basis. However I wanted to expand into the rest of the future vertical lift aircraft such as the SB>1 Defiant, S97 Raider and other derivatives of these aircraft.    See here for pictures:   V-280 Valor   S97 Raider (WIP)       Mod Team: Martinez.FG11 - Modeller Yasotay - Tester/Reference FrankV - Tester Misha - Tester Watt - Scripter   Credits: Thanks to those so far who have assisted in this project.   -Sykocrazy - MELB Countermeasures -hnchmc - Troubleshooting -Dagger[111] - S97 Model Donation -Pretty much everyone on the Discord who answers my questions