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JOIN 9th JSOC TODAY [US] [14+]

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    Hello, i am Saige312 part of the 9th JSOC, rank was E-5 - Sargent. We have been previously known as the Task Force 72. A while back we got split up because one of our CO's (Walrus), decided to leave because he was very upset over how we run things. So we lost the majority of our men to the 17th BCT who is run by Walrus, a previous member of Task Force 72. Fast forward a few months to the release of Apex where TF72 was going to start up again. Once it was released, the owner of TF72 decided to step down as command and give up on the TF72 which made 80% of the community to leave, leaving only 14 left. That 14 group decided to create the 9th Joint Special Operations command (9th JSOC). And we havent been doing to well of a job to hold our community together, we all have advanced training in all fields for arma going from riflemen, auto-riflemen, engineer, combat medic, and so on. All we need is more recruits for our community to show how serious we are about amra 3. Since we have been so under the radar, we dont have a strong schedule at the moment but once we see people are interested in our community, we will have a very strong and organized JSOC. We have a TS if you want to know more about the 9th JSOC. We also have our own website to see what our recruitment form is like. We will accept anyone who sends one in if they are mature enough. We just want players that will play arma 3 tactically with a whole squad. We just need to figure a few things out and take the time to perfect the mistakes we made in the past. Thank you for reading.


Website - http://9thjsoc.enjin.com/


TeamSpeak - tf72.ts3dns.com

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