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Chernarus Apocalypse A3 Port

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I'm posting for Muttley from Steam workshop. Please help him/her to achieve this awesome port!


Muttley  [author] 5 hours ago 
Hello there, is there anyone who has an account on forums.bistudio.com?
I need to create a topic on one of the forums but it doesn't allow new accounts to create threads, to get verified I'd need to make some amount of posts, but I don't like to spam useless messages.

I need somebody to help me with importing unit "Farmwife" from ArmA 2.
That model is required for Chernarus Apocalypse part three port, so without I can't release the last part.

If you can help me with that (modding or forums access) add me or leave message here.

Thanks in advance,

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For forum access tell him/her to go around the ARMA 3 - ADDONS & MODS: DISCUSSION and post encouraging replies to mods he/she deems worthy of such. Couple of those and posting becomes available.

For the port, it is possible that someone takes up such a task, but maybe unlikely, since female character porting requires some model and config tinkering.

maxjoiner has started porting arma 2 women here:


But I don't know if the character in question is there.

Would highly recommend on making those couple of posts and then making threads him/herself. I think it would be a more proper way to ask for help and show that you are actually willing to make the effort of following the forum rules and thus might make your question to be taken more seriously.

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