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Rough Knight

[SP] Old MacDonalds farm adventure!

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Old MacDonalds Farm adventure: A farmers Parody

Location: Tanoa.
Game version: ARMA3: Apex
Game Mode: Singleplayer.
Addons: Apex
Version: v1.00


Old Macdonald has woken, and steps outside to a new day. Little does he know of the chaos that is about to expound. Lucky Old Mac's sidekick 'Zeke Jimbob' is always hanging around looking for a new adventure and a bit of fun! Explore his farm, meet his friends and embark on a few adventures. Interact with the animals as you try to sort out the disruptions and work the day has brought. 

This mission is a parody of the nursery rhyme 'Old Macdonald had a farm and has a lighthearted and comical feel to it.

SavedByGrace has kindly donated his time and voice to help me try achieve a deeper connection with the characters. He has done a great job with the voices and the mission wouldn't be the same without them.

* Fully voiced courtesy of SavedByGrace.

* Many custom Dialogues.

* Unique timed tasks.
* Many other farm and life related tasks to complete.

​* Ability to catch animals.

* Nitro for vehicles.
* Farm Racing.
* Beat the farm jump record.
* Solving riddles.

​* Exterminate vermin.
* Loads of songs.
* Use radio [0,0,7] to playback hints of your active tasks [most of them].

Download Links:

Native Mirror:
Old Macdonalds farm A3 v1.00


Steam Workshop:


v1.00 | 05-Oct-16

* Initial release.


Required Addons
* Apex

Work Remaining & Known Issues:
*Please report bugs back here.


* Animal behaviour is not longer easily controlled be standard AI commands. Hopefully BIS can resolve this regression shortly.

​* 'Say' command when used with .lip files results in warped and chipmonk speech. Therefore some dialogue has no lip sync, others use directSay which has limitations.

Credits and Thanks:
SavedByGrace for his voice acting.
Hoz for his DoFollowUnit script.
Konsky for UPS script.
Jinef & mikey for briefing template.
kill_bis_fnc_dirIndicator script by F2k Sel.
Skeet Machine script by Joris-Jan van 't Land, Pepa Zemánek and NeZz_DK.
Anyone I forgot, I apologise in advance.

Thanks all,

Rough Knight

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Gooood one! I remember playing this in A2CO times, it was a beautiful trip away from all the militarism of Arma :D

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Oh yeah, the "teach-your-child-some-Arma" is back for A3! :D Nice!


And savedbygrace's voiceovers are legendary for sure. :)

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Hi guys,


I was just toying with this in the background and after finally resolving the the compatibility issues between ARMA2 and ARMA3, decided to release it.


It's probably not your standard scenario but glad you like it. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia!





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I just wanted to say a big "Thanks" because my boys totally loved this.

No other game (they've watched a few and played a couple) has quite provoked the same reaction: it had them in fits of giggles, scratching their heads, arguing over which way to go and genuinely scared that Daddy would loose to Zeke in the quad race (I did).

The tasks are varied, interesting and quite challenging.

Zeke's voice is just down-right hillarious, real hillbilly material.

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