Old MacDonalds Farm adventure: A farmers Parody Location: Tanoa.
Game version: ARMA3: Apex
Game Mode: Singleplayer.
Addons: Apex
Version: v1.00

Old Macdonald has woken, and steps outside to a new day. Little does he know of the chaos that is about to expound. Lucky Old Mac's sidekick 'Zeke Jimbob' is always hanging around looking for a new adventure and a bit of fun! Explore his farm, meet his friends and embark on a few adventures. Interact with the animals as you try to sort out the disruptions and work the day has brought.  This mission is a parody of the nursery rhyme 'Old Macdonald had a farm and has a lighthearted and comical feel to it. SavedByGrace has kindly donated his time and voice to help me try achieve a deeper connection with the characters. He has done a great job with the voices and the mission wouldn't be the same without them.

* Fully voiced courtesy of SavedByGrace. * Many custom Dialogues. * Unique timed tasks.
* Many other farm and life related tasks to complete. ​* Ability to catch animals. * Nitro for vehicles.
* Farm Racing.
* Beat the farm jump record.
* Solving riddles. ​* Exterminate vermin.
* Loads of songs.
* Use radio [0,0,7] to playback hints of your active tasks [most of them].

Download Links:

Native Mirror:
Old Macdonalds farm A3 v1.00   Steam Workshop:

Required Addons
* Apex

Work Remaining & Known Issues:
*Please report bugs back here.   * Animal behaviour is not longer easily controlled be standard AI commands. Hopefully BIS can resolve this regression shortly. ​* 'Say' command when used with .lip files results in warped and chipmonk speech. Therefore some dialogue has no lip sync, others use directSay which has limitations.

Credits and Thanks:
SavedByGrace for his voice acting.
Hoz for his DoFollowUnit script.
Konsky for UPS script.
Jinef & mikey for briefing template.
kill_bis_fnc_dirIndicator script by F2k Sel.
Skeet Machine script by Joris-Jan van 't Land, Pepa Zemánek and NeZz_DK.
Anyone I forgot, I apologise in advance.

Thanks all, Rough Knight