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1 hour ago, corporal_lib[br] said:

AZ, pleasepleaseplease, among those guys in 4th picture (the slav gang), put a guy in yellow adidas hoodies, ushanka and balaclava and name him Boris...
If you watch a lot of STALKER´s satire channels like me, you may get acquainted to a certain BORIS dude lol

Damn, I guess I´ll spend more time on Kitty Kat club than the mission allow, unless it is a cutscene, than I´ll pause just to stay longer there lol

Thanks AZ, each replay of you campaigns is almost a whole new experience =D


Cheers and keep on Cheeky Breekin´ !



Boris inspired several things I have done the past few years. Slav King was in a Dark Tides cutscene on Miroslavl' (the one with the spy and the house party). So yeah!


The club is in a mission, so if you hold off completing the objective there, I guess you could hang around awhile. There are 2 DJ Blyatman tracks played there.

If you imagine Shadow Fall as a book, version 2 shows some of the other chapters missing from version 1, but it's all part of the same story. If that makes sense.


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