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Hi all,


Welcome to Project LVR (Lakeside Valley Remastered)


Below is a Short Summary of what Project LVR is, however My Website - http://www.famousbasic13.org (Dedicated to the Project - Nothing else) is where you will Find out a lot more about Project LVR with a Fully Detailed Roadmap.


What is Project LVR?

Project LVR (Lakeside Valley Remastered) Is a recently started project that has been setup to ‘remaster’ Lakeside Valley. The map itself was well made, all credits go to the previous Creators, who are ‘Falcos’, ‘Sirel76/El76’ and ‘Shultz’ however as most of you know, there are still large areas that need working on. Stated below you will see what I am going to work on and the progress of that specific task.


What should we expect in the LVR?

For the Full Roadmap of Project LVR see Website ^^^

(Below is a Short Summary, There is a lot more to come than stated below)


  • New Towns

  • New Roads

  • Fixed Roads

  • Less Trees

  • Less Mountains / Hills

  • Smoother Water - Land Merges


Want Something Fixed / Added / Changed?

I have all played a fair amount Arma 3 Life however nothing would help me more than for you (The Players and Community) to make suggestions about possible additions to the map / Changes and fixes. If you wish to submit one of those, you may do so on the website.


P.S The Website is Not Finished and is Updated Daily so Keep Tuned!


Thank you



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