Features Ability to select any type for vehicle target Target vehicle placed in all 8 directions (4 cardinal and in between each) Ability to select any weapon (as infantry or in the tank) Instant weapon availability, instant reload, unlimited ammo Projectile tracing On-screen damage overview for each component ordered by damage and crew (hintC) Disable/toggle to non intrusive side display (hintSilent) Enable/toggle overview also for vehicle explosions via radio Enable/toggle projectile camera via radio to follow flight path and see impact in slow-mode Ability to change the distance of the targets via action menu Reset (respawn, reposition, etc) all targets via action menu Advanced features Adjust the available weapons or vehicle targets via isKindOf filters and backlists in the init.sqf header. Adjust the default distance of the targets in the init.sqf header. Download testVehicleDamage.vr.7z Screenshots   http://imgur.com/a/WvuYG Credits Kronzky (target range/menus) Big Dawg KS (projectile camera) BI (bullet tracing) Notes Bottom right minimap is from DevCon Easy to make this an infantry weapon and targets test mission too Feedback and suggestions are welcome!