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Doomsday Night BIO-WARFARE

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As the war between the US and Russia escalated, Russia launches multiple biological weapons called the "Phantom" over American soil and allied countries. One year later, DEVGRU is deployed on a final mission to save the fate of humanity in a small American town against tyranny and biological terror.


- CUP Terrian Full 

- RHS: Escalation US 

- RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation 

- Zombies & Demons 

- Hidden-Identity-Pack-V-2 


- 4 players coop. 

- Custom dark ambient music and scary sound effects. 

- Zombies & Demons. 

- Revive 

- Thunder & Fire script special effects. 

- 57 custom textures to bring the apocalypse to life. 

- Enemy ambushes.


Doomsday Night was my first big mission I did back in 2014. Doomsday Night was made originally to impress a friend of mine, but once the A3 community got their hands on it everyone wanted more. The past Doomsday Night series were very experimental as I was still learning a lot about editing missions. Today I can now make the Doomsday Night that I always envisioned. Doomsday Night BIO-Warfare isn't a sequel or a prequel, it has no ties to the old DN 1-4 series, this missions is a fresh start, a reboot. Hope you enjoy! 












Mission Link.

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