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Use Action Differentiation

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Hi there,


recent update of development branch contain a simple, yet quite important change of interaction controls.


Use default action and Use selected action are now separated to different key binds and have slightly altered functionality.


Before, the Use default action use to interact with surroundings and also open and confirm contextual ( action / command / radio ) menu selections. Now, it will no longer open action menu, while it can still interact with surroundings and confirm contextual menu selections. This is supposed to prevent accidental opening of action menu and inadvertently confirming actions in there, especially in the heat of battle.


Moreover, the Use selected action was not able to open action menu before, albeit it was able to confirm selections in there. Now it can open action menu as well.


Because of the former functionality of these actions it was not possible to differentiate their key binds. New functionality allows for that, so Use default action is now bind to Space (Arma 3 & Apex) or F (Industry Standard) while Use selected action is now bind to Middle Mouse Button.


Remember that action menu can be still opened also by Next and Previous actions that are bind to mouse wheel and you can still confirm selections by Use default action even if your mouse wheel cannot / is not used as a button.


You can also restore the former functionality simply by restoring the shared key binds for these actions in controls if you wish, but we consider this setup better and more appropriate for our presets.


Soonâ„¢ we will update description of these two actions to clearly indicate their exact functionality. We will also add a one-time pop up window, similar to the one we have used to announce the new Apex preset in Expansion. It will inform about these recent changes (also, Hold Breath is now bound to Left Shift in Apex preset to allow for deliberate weapon sway control that is separate from zoom) and suggest an update of presets in controls setup.


We would like to know if this change actually help you a little with the in-game interaction and if there are no unforeseen issues with it. Thank you.

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