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RealSound Team Official WIP Thread

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Hello fellow community members!


This is an official WIP Thread for our RealSound Mods!  Have a read through below if you're interested and be sure to visit our Facebook/YouTube channels for more content! :)


In case you don't know who I am; my name (here) is Shadow.  I am a part of a small team of content creators who's goal is to bring realistic audio to a number of vanilla or 3rd party aircraft that either you the community requests or we pick and release ourselves.  The team consists of myself (LtShadow), Shazer and Kazmatt.  Unfortunately Kazmatt, our team founder, isn't too active in the ArmA scene anymore - though he was an inspiration for me to get started into sound modding back in the A2 days.  Over the years I have met some incredible people, like Foxhound and LordJarhead along with SgtFuller and many others including my current co-dev Shazer.  It's been an awesome journey so far, but I wanted to give you all a little update as to what we've done and what we plan to accomplish in the following months ahead.  This is a long post, but it is sort of like our "state of address".


I'm only going to cover what work our team has done for ArmA 3 to date, as the previous generations of ArmA are behind us (even though we enjoy going back to play them on occasion). Matt has quite a few unfinished projects, as you can see and he really doesn't have anything publicly released for ArmA 3. He hasn't been active in the ArmA 3 community for quite a while now and it's hard to get time to talk to him due to his location.  He does have quite a bit up for ArmA 2 though, if I'm not mistaken.  Without further ado, here are the things we have been working on;


Kazmatt1's public ArmA 3 releases:


  • Boing 747 - Model by unknown (link is via Mediafire on his YT account if you really want it)

Here's a list of WIP from Matt:

  • Avro Vulcan
  • Tornado GR4
  • B1B Lancer
  • MiG-29

Onto Shazer!  Shazer and I started working together a few years ago, when ArmA 3 was just getting its baby legs from release.  So far we've shared some amazing experiences together in the online world, he's done some quite amazing work himself.  Shazer is still currently active in sound modding, though not nearly as much as before.  That goes the same for all three of us really, unfortunately. Shazer has been doing his own work before ArmA 3 as well, moving experience from the ArmA 2 universe to ArmA 3. Here's a list of what Shazer has released and what he has in his WIP box;


Currently Released: as of 9/19/2016


WIP: as of 9/19/2016

  • F-15C (Model by Firewill) - Almost completed, hopefully releasing this week or next.  ~93% Completed.
  • RAH-66 (Model by Bohemia Interactive) - Almost complete, config tweaks needed. ~90% Complete.
  • AV-8B Harrier (Model by Chairborne) - Nearing completed status, few more samples needed. ~78% Complete.
  • SU-35 (Model by John_Spartan and Saul) - Needs to be redone. 0% Complete.


And last but not least, me!  I've been doing sound modding a few years before ArmA 3 was revealed.  I haven't been very active in the modding scene myself, though just a few weeks ago you may recall I released a filter mod for the game.  I've been busy myself the past year or so, but finally have some time to settle down a little and get some work done on my projects. Let's get into what I've done and what you can expect from my end of development through the coming months/year.


Currently Released: as of 9/19/2016


WIP: as of 9/19/2016

  • F-22 Raptor (Model by USAF Mod) - Completely overhauled sounds, interior and exterior.  Minor tweaks needed.  ~96% Complete.
  • F-35 JSF (Model by USAF Mod) - New sounds added, need new interior configuration and volume tweaks. ~76% Complete.
  • F-15SE (Model by Firewill) - Model currently not released, work will start as soon as model release. 0% Complete.

That's pretty much all for now!  This will serve as a WIP thread for both me and Shazer, so be sure to stay tuned for further updates!  I'll be making changes to this post as time progresses.


If you have something to suggest to us, whether an idea or a sound mod suggestion - PM us on the forums or FaceBook!  I finally receive notifications when I'm quoted in a post or when someone messages me on the forums, so I'll get your messages a lot quicker. I'd like to also clean this post up a bit, make it easier to read and whatnot.  I'm no expert in formatting here on this forum so any suggestions will help! :)


Thanks all! Happy hunting and godspeed.






Below is some extra stuff, like our FB page, YouTube channels, etc...


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Realsound-Mod-Arma-3-484245904998169


Full RealSound image (created by LtShadow): http://i.imgur.com/FdrzGjA.png


Contact info: 



YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kazmatt1/videos

Forums: Cannot locate.



YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7KDpFMWNl2FkrQdRp2rqUQ

Forums: https://forums.bistudio.com/user/872542-shazzy/



YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1x3oojY_rp_0uJwcdxdH3w

Forums: https://forums.bistudio.com/user/776403-ltshadow/

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Im instrested

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Holy smokes it's been a while!

Check this out!



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Development Report: 10/21/2017 


Hello everyone!  


With it being 8 days since I released the F-16 demo video, here's what we've been up to in the past week of development from myself and Shazer.


On my end:

I ran into some strange issues this week with the F-16's shaders, some of which I'm still ironing out - while others have been sorted out.  The interior received several new sound samples, which helps tie in the atmosphere of the plane and gives it a more authentic feel. Still working on getting the idle to spool up and down with throttle inputs like I want it to, but will get it sorted within the next week or so.  The other issue I'm still sorting out is the low pass filters and how they pretty much break the rest of my mod when applying them in the sound sets. Not entirely sure why this is. Other than that; I've made several new additions to the shaders and customized a lot of them - fitting the F-16 and paving the way for the aircraft we have lined up for future releases. It sounds amazing guys, cannot wait for you to all to hear it! The video above was so early in development, it sounds like a completely new aircraft now with all the adjustments I've made to it.  Almost *REAL*. ;)


As of now, the F-16 is at version 0.7.7 - nearing release within the next couple of weeks!  My next steps involve getting the exterior/interior idle spooling to properly work in-game without any extra scripts or adding any more shaders/sound sets to keep the aircraft's config as clean as possible.  




Shazer has been hard at work getting the shaders implemented into a couple of his aircraft sound mods he's been working on, but recently was able to upload a dev video on the P-51! It sounds amazing and really opens doors to aircraft we haven't even thought of doing yet - like possibly other prop planes or other WWII era aircraft.  Here's a quick demo video:



Other than that, a lot of tweaks are being made all around to get an idea of how the new shaders/sound sets are handled in-game.  


Quick shoutout to @laxemann has been a huge help to us, thanks for all your help in answering questions mate!  You're awesome.


Stay tuned! :)



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Hey dude,


what issues do you have with your shaders/filters?
Also, I did a sound framework for the iron front propeller planes when I did them (automated and unified config process), would you guys like to have a look at it?



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8 hours ago, laxemann said:

Hey dude,


what issues do you have with your shaders/filters?
Also, I did a sound framework for the iron front propeller planes when I did them (automated and unified config process), would you guys like to have a look at it?




As for the filters; whenever I apply one that I define in a separate HPP file, it seems to mess up some of the other shaders and I can't hear them at all.


Sure, those sound awesome! I'd love to take a look. 

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