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A Blast From The Past: "Anti-Soviet Warrior Puts His Army On The Road To Peace"

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From a "moderate rebel"  to a "nightmare" 15 years ago 



On the 15th year anniversary of September 11, a great number of questions about what - and why - happened that morning in 2001, remain unanswered and probably will forever, We don't intend to provide any new or great knowledge on a topic that will dominate today's airwaves, however, we do want to point out another, less popular, aspect of journalistic history: an article from 1993, in which the Independent's Robert Fisk profiles an "Anti-Soviet warrior" who "puts his army on the road to peace."




The "peace warrior" was of course Osama bin Laden, who 8 years later would be held responsible by the US government for the worst terrorist attack on US soil in history. This makes Osama the first "vetted" moderate rebel to turn against the (CIA's) hand that fed him for years, leading to countless other US-funded and equipped "freedom and peace" fighters across the years who would ultimately attack the very US that made their militant aspirations possible. One almost wonders why the US continues to wage war against itself. Is it sheer incompetence (and with such Secretaries of State as Kerry And Clinton, this is a distinct possibility), or just a trigger-happy Military Industrial Complex which, if unable to wage war against a foreign target, is just as happy to turn against America's own people.

Just as importantly, we hope this particular 1993 "report" will remind readers to always take anything, and everything, written by the global media, with a grain of salt.


The full article can be found here "Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace: The Saudi businessman who recruited mujahedin now uses them for large-scale building projects in Sudan."


(source: zerohedge.com)

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USA (CIA) allied with devil against USSR, 

USSR allied with devil against USA, USSR even allied with Hitler, and in WW2 Third Reich was using regular criminals to be his agents in prisons and camps (usual bandits were often "capos" in death-camps), many times Gestapo was cooperating with pre-war mafia on occupied territory (mafia was giving information - about Jews or resistance fighters - to be able to steal and rob peacefully) ,

etc etc. 

big politics was always dirt, both CIA and USSR supported terrorists , Israel also had their terror (in white gloves using banks)

nothing surprising, 

and McCain met with ISIS guys and western press called Assad as evil , Saddam, Quadafi as evil - while they guaranteed rights of minorities, 

and Soviets were doing the same terrorizing nations which were under Soviet occupation , 

both 2 big players of world chess-table have a lot of bad deeds 

neither USA, nor USSR/Russia, nor Israel are saint , neither in 60s-70s west was (colonial wars) , neither UK was (colonies), probably we have no idea how much Chinese intel does at the moment, Saudis also have a lot of dirt too, Erdogan etc. also world big corporations do the same, mine companies, oil companies, 

CIA dealt with drug lords from Latin America too 

mainstream media are often just propaganda tool for group  of few very very rich or from special secret services 


world politics of big strong states/corporations/banks was always like this, they have many agents and half of those agents should never leave prisons - probably in the world there are no super-rich/powerful people who are decent and honest because huge power and huge money always comes from bad things (with exceptions of genial inventors in IT who made money by invention) 


CIA supporting religious fanatics made mistake - they not understood power of religion , power of belief, because they are not devoted, they work for salary, not for ideas, they count profits and deal with anyone who will "today, maximum tomorrow" bring profit (even if after-tomorrow would bring lost) , the same mistake as giving production to China (some corporations earned lots of money from saving on labor, but they destroyed industry and caused big unemployment, they made China to grow to superpower with know-how) , the same as supporting migration (also labor cost lower) 


mainstream press, despite being private owned not state owned, also often are simply propaganda , in USA even state-bank is private and they export "dollar" to world and when Quadafi or Saddam wanted Euros or gold for oil - start wars 

but USSR supported bloody regimes which tortured people in huge numbers in Europe (especially in Hungary in 1956, in Czechoslovakia in 1968, Poland in 1956 and 1970 and 1981), Africa, Asia

"all of the same blood" and intel agencies are not hiring "good people" , never were, never will be - this makes them effective , not morally high - result of their actions are further "collateral damage" of own population, 

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