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J. Adams

Project: Ethus

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Project Ethus - A fictional map set in the arctic circle. It includes the "national" army so to speak, called the Ethus Armed Forces.


Background: After the breakup of worldwide Empires, Ethus plunged into a civil war, founded through the lack of preperation needed to run a country and the distinct corruption of the police force. After the government was stabilized by a foreign power, the army was brought in to replace the police forces..


Ethus Armed Forces Capabilities: 

  • Mainland Branch
  • Naval Branch

Mainland Branch-

Armored Personnel Carriers

Armored Vehicles

Armed Helicopters

Armed Planes

Hi-tech infantry equipment

Heavy Logistical Capabilities


Naval Branch- 

Small scale amphibious assaults

Small motor boats

Naval rescue capabilities

Small sized special forces unit (ESB - Ethus Special Branch)



AM Studios - Management

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More screens:





Disclaimer: This map is not our map - It's called Thirsk

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