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removing runway- and other dirt after jet crash

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When a jet crashes on a runway for example, it creates this weird dirt/crater which makes landing impossible. I know how to remove the jet but how can i prevent that dirt from appearing? Sa-matra figured out how to do it appearently as such dirt does not create in king of the hill.

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Try adding these to your description.txt

If this doesn't work then I'm not sure unfortunately :(


Here it is for easy copy-paste:


Vehicle wreck limit before which ( <= ) wreckRemovalMaxTime applies and after which ( > ) wreckRemovalMinTime applies (see below).
wreckLimit = 1;
Default value: 15

Remove all wrecks that have existed longer than wreckRemovalMinTime when wreckLimit is breached.
wreckRemovalMinTime = 60; //seconds
Default value: 10



Maximum time a wreck can remain on the ground if total number of wrecks is equal or under wreckLimit.
wreckRemovalMaxTime = 1200; //seconds
Default value: 3600


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